Sunday, April 2, 2017

Engagement #acapuja


Its sunday. I struggle myself to get out of bed early morning... struggling with my laziness.. Anddd taraaa, i did get out okay. I succeeded in my 2.9km morning run this morning *standing ovation* *clapclap*. Ya i know, i supposed to do double but since im running errands today.. so.. yeah. But because im feeling energetic and productive, i decided to write today. Yeayy

In case you guys missed it, i did talked about my brother sudden decision to get marry by the mid of this year. Things go well as planned last night.. alhamdulilah one step closer. Last night, is tunang cum hantar duit kahwin. Because everything goes on smooth last night, it ends early. We go home dalam pukul 10.30 like that, lepak rumah aunt kejap and by midnight baru balik. Yaloh, kan benda best mestilah mau ada lepak2 lagi. In addition, bincang majlis sebelah lelaki pula lagi semalam with my aunt.. tapi seems to be awal sangat. But then June is already puasa, ndakan lah mau urus time puasa2 kan? Biar majlis sebelah perempuan done lah dulu. Baru bincang balik yang tuh. 

As usual, mesti ada gambar k. HAhahha. Semalam is 7 vs 9. We did it all by ourselves. I mean yang 7 tulah. But then, it was so tiring and exhausting. Mana mencari bunga, withdraw duit, cari itu ini oh god, very penat one. Ours was the pink one. Contrary to what i had in mind, those werent the results. But because my sister ambil cuti on friday, she go buy all the thing ikut suka hati dia. My second sister ni so cheapskate so she only took whats affordable and murah even buruk pun asal murah dia ambil. So i have to make it look nice and pretty using whatever she bought. But then, ada reben and wrapper yang habis, so we need to keluar again saturday morning beli whatever habis.

Everyone was so excited masing2 pun mau angkat dulang. Sebab in my family, my cousins we are lack of boys, girls banyak so yeah.. sekali skala ada majlis sebelah lelaki dalam family kami. Thats why kena buat best2, lawa2 sebab bukan selalu ada begini. Tinggal my brother yang tua tuh and my cousin yang lelaki, si Nuh

Jadinyaaa.. begitulah. May allah ease this one for us family, and for my brother juga.