Thursday, March 30, 2017

🚩Rang Bulan @ Moon Bay , Kota Belud


So.... because i was in the mood to write today.. because im feeling happy!! hihi. Last weekend i went for a family trip, 2 days and 1 night at the Rang Bulan Beach, Kota Belud. You guys may google the place for picture becaus i dont take picture of the nature so much so... yeah. 

As usual, this kind of family trip.. we gathered around at my aunt's house, waiting for the others to arrive. Well, not others.. its basically us. My sisters, brothers and me. Because, our family are the one that stays quite far from them. We used to live in the neighbourhood but we moved few years ago so yeah. We moved, and my aunts still lives there.

The trip took about 1 and half hour to reach from KK, but i think it should be 1 hour only. But because we like to stop by anywhere. Singgah tandas lah, pegi beli makanan and beli umpan oh also beli buah. Well, of course, every time singgah i turun beli makanan and MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN. Bila oh mau kurus begini.

By the time we reach there, it was at noon somewhat somewhat.. so indeed the sun is scorching hot. But there was 2 or 3 gerai buka because like ada pertandingan memancing whatever whatever. I wasnt paying attention to it, we were only busy taking pictures, looking at the sea. Memang cantik. memang lawa. But... its beach... right? What else can you do at beaches? Mandi laut????? Id like that one only despite they have banyak2 aktiviti here. heheh

Hanna Comel

Look whos the one with goggles and pelampung kura2? OMG HAhahahaha

Sorry as my photos are not doing enough justice of how this place looks like, but i can assure you it is beautiful, and worth of your 1 and 1/2 hours ride from KK.

If you ask me to be honest... id say... once in this beach is enough. because i dont do water sports.. water kind of thing i just know how to sunbath. Yes, i do love beaches, the blue and green waters but.. thats it...? So, at night during the stay i really dont know what to do because i totally, i mean like all of us totally have no coverage. and when i was told to go to sleep, i look at my watch and its only 9pm. Like, the hell 9pm sleep? Cant do anything since it was wet outside, no coverage, no wifi, no tv and no.. just no. I was thinking of going outside and despite the wetness, i went out and sat there for about 15mins and not later than that, the idea of 'kepala terbang' goes into my mind and oh shit... i go back in.

Kepala terbang is balan2, and very widely used in a particular village in Kota Belud. And this beach, surprisingly next to that particular village, which... you know, makes me terus masuk tidur. oh and, i would say too that the chalet, isnt very comfortable. there are spider web, ants, not to mention mosquitoes too, and spider. the mattress provided arent very comforting either, plus the pillow.. i dont know. So, if you guys thinking of going here make sure bring your own cover, blanket, and pillow or at least pillow case. If possible, sleep with socks on because i got bitten by mosquitoes even i covered myself. and its excruciating itchy and it turns red already.

But overall, it was nice staying here.. so much privacy because not lots of people went here. and if they do, they would stay for a moment and ciao. But... as i said earlier, one night probably enough and you wanna spend it on a more comfortable rooms in Karambunai resort. But you guys can try banana boat, kayak, fishing, snorkelling and some of the things they provide here. My brothers and my aunts went to fishing and they all got grouper.. masak on the spot. Mayyyn sadap. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017




So, in the few previous entry i talked about going for a trip with my aunts and cousin or getting the things i wanted sejak berzaman dulu. Now you can see, i abandon my most wanted wishlist, and decided to go with them yeayy. *nangis*. Sudalah tiket beli last minit *so you guys may guess how much im spending only for flight ticket even if its Airasia*.

At first, i tell myself to not spend so much, but.... when you see people spending way too much, and the prices are very attractive.. i cant help *mcm terpengaruh* and go to the nearest ATM to withdraw. Tapi... i couldnt find any. Trus i pun macam oh syukur no need to spend so much lah ni *tetiba my aunt ckap, swipe sajeeee - macam iklan hahaa and ada jua cash sini pakailah dulu* and im like em. APA LAGI TRUS MENCARI BARANGLAH. But because in this situation we're in kedai emas, i ambil gelang tangan & gelang kaki terus T_T.

 It doesnt end there. Sebab in KL we're mostly jalan kaki tinguk2 the streets i tend to buy makanan yang kena jual tepi jalan. saitan and because of that.. i now makin berat T_T. Duit habis dekat makanan, emas dan kain. Baju not that much jugalah sebab nda masuk pun butik. If ada my brother ok i dare masuk butik hahah.

But because they depend on me so much, buat ni buat tuh it made me realize yang.. aku ni sebenarnya kalau jalan sendiri ok juga. Cuma perlu duit banyakss lah kan. Trus terpikir repeat Ho Chi Minh. HIhihi

Nampak gemuk *hampa*


Vietnam coffee, but not really viet
Yang nih, excuse me tapi saya jarang selfie hahah

Penat tunggu macik memilih


Friday, March 3, 2017



Rasa macam mau tulis pula harini. Remember my previous post i talked about my cousins and his grandpa getting married? Yes. Kawin dah last week and now boleh start counting days to Moy's wedding pula. A lot of things happen last week.. eh really? Entahlah.

Actually i just want to tepek gambar2 dekat sini haha. Ok whatever.

Habis wedding *because the wedding takes place dekat Tuaran* me and my sisters decided to take a visit at cowboy town tuh. What they call it, err Sabandar rides blablabla.. This place nothing pun. Zero indah khabar dari rupa. But if you wanna ride horses bodoh2 tahan panas uhh i guess boleh lah kot. Tapi as always queue dia sangat panjang sudalah kau menunggu di bawah kanopi panas dengan temperature yang scorching hot. heh tidaklah. Thanks banyak2.

 But this one kuda catches my attention. Its name Tiger. Entahlah her or him. But look at those eyes, macam mata manusia kan? Looking polite and obedient. Rasanya her, sebab got that demure look. Lol. Ok yang kiri tu please bagi i can untuk selfie. #bukanselalu

Oh sebab one way with the lokan bakar and all punya shits, kami singgah kejap. But hell, this one gerai took us so long i finished makanan lain before the lokan arrived. Sempat gaduh lagi dengan pelayan dia sebab makanan lambat. Dari situ, i belajar untuk tidak mau makan di kedai yang servis dia lambat. Nanti sia sia kena maki. Tengoklah lokan dia tuh, nda meyelerakan pun. Hish.

Ok cerita lain.

See, thank you 2017 because as of March, you surprises me well so much. It was a spontaneous decision. Even my big brother tu pun ask him if he did anything wrong *because of the sudden act* but hey thats my little brother. He wouldnt did something like that! So, the day he decided to marry is the day he told us to 'merisik' that perempuan. Terus pegi daftar kursus kawin. And the best part is that the girl's family only know time petang tu when its the night we want to go merisik. Everyone was so shocked because my little brother is jenis pendiam, dont talk much and did anything by his own. And then, semua orang pun mau ikut that night. Because everyone malas drive bawa kereta kasi sumbat 1 kereta saja. Nasib innova tu muat haha.

Btw my brother is '95, baru umur 22? or 21? *malas kira*. So, bincang2 that night... and kata pun sudah sepakat. Tarikh kawin is bulan 5. After Moy's punya wedding. Everyone macam... uhh May? Lepas kawin moy? But yalah kan... Bulan 5 is bulan syaaban, the suitable time to kawin. Yakah? Antah... the girl's family cakap. Hantar duit is awal bulan 4. Harap dipermudahkan everything. So i guess i'll be occupied these few months *cari baju* *cari barang hantaran* *buat barang hantaran* Ok, kawin orang lain i pula yang busy. Hikhik. 

So.... now? heheh.

Till i writes again. Bye.