Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hair talk


Since i am so kind hearted today *i reactivate this blog, tell you why when i have time but today*, lets talk about some products ive been using in a while. Actually this kind of entries is the most laziest for me to talk about. But since today is sunday, and it is cuti, and no one ask me go out so here you go!

Alhamdulilah for me because till today, i havent suffered or experienced any hair problemsss. Including hair loss, dry hair, rambut bercabang, rambut nipis or whatsoever problems with my hair. Hehehe. All this goes to my mother because she is the one that taught me hair is a women's crown. Okay i made that up. But ever since i was little, my mother taught me how to take a goood care of my hair. She also tells me not to let any of my friends in school touch my hair because it will get dirty kononnya. Thats her logic like luls.

When im in my primary school time she always braid my hair every morning like everyday. You guys can ask my friends or my batchmates that time the only kids who go to school with a braided hair everyday. Thats me. Hahah. Also every weekend, we will do hair treatment dekat tangga rumah hahah using her own tipsss and in return i got a black shining long hair. yeayy thanks mak.

So, im growing up to be an adult who takes a serious care on hair. and that fully tells the picture below. Well, this is an old picture where i land my first job and i dont know what to do with the money and Watsons guardian is my favorite store to go so in the end im purchasing all this. T_T.

I normally dont have any problems with my hair or scalp or anything. except that i ever had headlices during kecil2 dulu. In a case of infected from my cousin *cause im super close to my cousins* and it lasts for a few weeks and sumpah so gatal but the sound of kasi mati dorang is super nyaman so hahaha. Dont ask me how kasi hilang binatang tu semua cause i have alot of aunt yang suka cari kutu. *emoji ketawa kluar air mata*

For the past few years, i have been changing few hairwash because ... i dont know. I just love to change them and thank god, i dont suffer any minor side effect. but the best hairwash i love to use is of course Herbal Essences in colour red. Seriously you guys should try it. But then i got bored i decided to use Pantene uhhh i forgot which one it is. I think its the one with green colour i dont know. But then, i got ketombe aka kelimumur aka dandruff within the first bottle. and i was like, damn, i bought a large bottle of shampoo and conditioner and since i am a student at that time, i decided to just use it until i finish. Cannot membazir ya hahaha.

After the first bottle, i change back to Herbal essences but still, the dandruff wont come off. Well, actually the dandruff wasnt that much and barely noticable by people but... i dont like when i garu my scalp ada putih2 di kuku. Hahaha. and so, guess what? I kikis my sister to buy me the Loccitane hair dandruff series. Including the before wash oil, shampoo, conditioner and somekind of hair mask. And yes, the dandruff come off easily within first bottle. Which i bersyukur sangat now that i garu kepala no more ketombe no more putih2 d kuku.

Frankly, rambut kasar, rambut nipis rambut mati or anything doesnt really happened to us unless you pemalas jaga rambut. I never made hair treatment dekat salon or what. Even my last visit to salon is few years back and i dont even intend to go in the near future. As of cutting hair? Im pro at cutting my own hair. Hahaha this i dont bluff but seriously yes, i cut my own hair and damn my hair still look good.

But since the kelimumur now gone, i switched to this haircare. Hask Argan Oil Repairing set. Plus with Loccitane soothing scalp oil and The Body Shop Wild Argan oil. I think this is affordable juga in Guardian, so if you thinking of changing your haircare set do thought of this one.

1. Using the Loccitane soothing scalp oil to run through your scalp before cuci rambut. It says on the bottle to use 2 mins before cucian but i'd say at least 30mins before wash :) 

2. Shampoo + Conditioner as you all may know-how.

3. Dont do this often but please once a week or once in every 2 week using the intense deep conditioning hair treatment. Treat this as a hair mask. 

4. As you dry your hair with towels, you may want to use the body shop argan oil and dry them together. 

5. For better results, please try yang botol kecil tu shine oil to set your hair *if ugais malas mau buat rambut and prefer natural looking* so this botol kecil lah jawapannya. use this to set your hair before going out. treat this as minyak rambut.

This Hask series kan is good, always have promotions dekat Guardian, considered affordable looking at the results it shows. Smells good also, like the mandarin oranges smell.
Looks fussy isnt it? you need to have a set of haircare to maintain/get the hair dream of yours. But of course laaa it took a long time and uncertain roads as long as you made progress youre closer than yesterday.. Ok apaini tetiba.

Oh, didnt i tell you that in my 24 years of living, i cut my hair short once. and im damn regretful about that. If only i have time machine i would turn back to old times just to kill my youngerself for why did i have the thought of having short hair/ bob cut in my mind. Sorry, but it was just ridiculous. and even it is in my high school where we tend to do stupid decision i still cant forgive myself for cutting my hair short till now. It. Was. Unacceptable.

Ok, i guess enough rants for today hahah. Actually, i have finished my first bottle and should really go out and buy my second bottle so thats why writing this post is crossing my mind time tengah mandi tadi haha. Mau cuci rambut tapi shampoo habis so bertabahlah orang2 sekalian saya keluar tidak cuci rambut. Tapi masi jua wangi ni jan risau. Hahaha
Till i write again. Bye.