Saturday, February 18, 2017


Hello everyone.

Okay before we start i really wanted to tell you guys one thing. Tadi saya naik uber dan sekian my uber really hensem dan friendly. emm yummy hahahah. ok

So..... February starts off with countless blessings. Kawin sana, kawin sini, and emm. well most of it were kawin sana sini. Ya.

I just found out that recently, my cousin who grew up with me, who shares the same childhood as mine, is going to marry. But thats not the best part. Wait for it. The best part is that, he is going to marry with a 43 years old widower, with 4 kids. When i was told the news, the only questions that pops my mind is that... HOW? But you know, they also dont have any straight answer it is malah dikasi warning lagi. Said dont you question blabla how or why or whateves. Nanti kau pun begitu baru kau faham kan. I was like.. okay kalau dia kaya/ada/mampu belikan aku heli then why not, yeah? hahah. And the most exciting part is that, he'll share the same reception as his grandpa. YOU DID NOT READ IT WRONG.

Yeah, he and his grandpa is going to share a pelamin, both cucu and datok at the same pelamin. And we're all truly cant wait to see it! LOL. Like, his grandma has died few years back i guess and ya.. since then his grandpa has been searching for the right one to fit in his life but his kids always got in the way but this time theyre all ok and syukur alhamdulilah this time he found one. I dont know but according to my auntss cousins they say the bride is cantik putih....... em okay.

Anyway, it has been decided that Moy's wedding will be on early may. Im so happy for her! Like she's a diamond for whoever dont intended to keep her right before this. Yeah whatevs but i pun sad juga when she buka cerita of all her miserable exes. Now that shes getting married i always flashback-ed of all the things we used to do since the day we were born. On last saturday, i went to her house actually i myself not sure of what should i call this event yang tapi pihak lelaki pigi rumah perempuan to hantar duit. Ah lebih kurang lah.

AH THIS ONE I WANT TO SPILL LAH KAN. I was there like the whole day, so indirectly im there to help them to sort out the day. AND HOLY SHIT, IT WAS EXHAUSTING! Like, i never thought that marriage would be this hard. Hahahah tapi seriously, even baru hantar duit, it feels like omg susahnya mau bekawin ni. Perlu banyak kata sepakat from both side, and belum lagi cerita both side cerewet mau mati. Oh moy's husband would be bugis so... that being explained. Hahah

But seriously, i always thought that kawin ni macam 123 abc. Ok, you go to kursus kawin and book imam kasi kawin and you do lah majlis kahwin. Hell no okay. Even haritu pun hampir mau gaduh because mau dikasi tunda tuh tarikh *well people say lagi awal lagi bagus kan* but they want to kasi tunda because of..... ada cousin dia yang mau join skali buat kenduri cukur jambul. Ha ha ha. Doii macam lah seja confirm dia deliver time tuh. Kalau lambat? how? nahhhh. Duhh But since our side is polite sopan santun so we just say yes lah.

But when i go through it all i had a second thought that... ihh kawin nih menyusahkan, banyak benda mau dibuat lots of thing you need to go through. And frankly on the spot i rasa macam tidak mau kawin. luls okay next.... Oh didnt i tell you that her husband to be is my high school friend? Yang pernah crush gila2 sama saya? HAHAHAH you see you never know how jodoh works kan! Well, when it involves my high school of course lah majlis nanti dipenuhi dengan my high school mates jugaa! omg so fucked up i dont like lah macamni nanti mesti banyak jumpa kawan sekolah menengah dulu em bole ka pakai purdah nanti? heheh

Moy, me, pia & tiara
So.. since the wedding going to be on early may, they said they wanna go to KL to search for barang2 kawin. Well, you know.. not actually mencari, but berjalan2 but you know.. excuses. Haha. And because i have cousins working in Johor and also in Klang, they asks me to go together with them. Jalan2 konon. And i was like... okay, i could go but then my banker is not following *my sister and my brother haha* so.. i guess my shopping will be limited kan em. Considering food+accommodation+transport and all. That being excluding shopping money. Sudalah saya ni suka membeli barang emm. And kebetulan juga Az is now in KL so.. im thinking of why not kan? Push aside soal dapat cuti or not... im having a second thought.

Ive been saving up my money for this one thing. and i have to give it up for it if i choose that KL trip. But then i have to give up KL trip, spending some time with my cousins if i chose for that stuff. Of course, you may say i better off choosing time with families but ive been longing for this stuff since zaman degree lagi. emm. Sure, duit boleh dicari but time with families is.. Adakah yang mau bagi saya 10ribu untuk bejalan d KL seja? Tolong please. derma lah saya 10ribu for both the 1week punya trip and the stuff yang saya mau beli.*emoji sedih* *emoji nangis*

Uhh i guess thats all, bye for now. Hihi