Thursday, January 26, 2017

Random talk.

Hello 2017.

Its me. The one that 2016 had crushed so badly. Yes.

A series of my unfortunate events i have wrote in several entries. But with an impossible understandable language. Yes. So bear with it hahah. Actually i was intended to put it in one entry. But i become so lazy that i stopped halfway through. Whatevs kan.

So, what now?
I've graduated, land a decent job with a relatively sizable pay, and what now?

Im thinking of pursuing master, but by part time. by research mode only. Do you think i could? Finish my master in only 1 year? I have no problems in conducting research i hope hehe but i think i could. The application for master has opened, and close until may or june im not sure. But yes, i still have time to think about it. Maybe i could be a lecturer after this? Hekhek. But, i wanna be a succesful banker. You, corporate world dealing with the economy, thats my ambition actually. Heck no, i wanna be an economist of economy expert for malaysia. Amin. Maybe one day.

Anyway, moi's wedding gon be this April. Like late april. I hope she will have a memorable day and be it blessed by Allah SWT. Amin. and when we talk about marriage, hmm do i get to talk about it now? or when would be suitable time for us to talk about it? When the time's come, i'll marry. No, actually, i have set that 2019 is the year i marry. Yep, and push aside soal kematian, if i live up to 2019, i want to marry. But if i dont lets just say that marriage is not written as my fate. May Allah ease everything.

I will tell you about my job in the next entry. or next next next next next entry. Hahah. Ok now i gotta go. Cukup sekadar menghilangkan habuk. Hekhek.