Sunday, January 29, 2017



Never thought that i would have a reader here, in my worn out blog. and that reader is someone that knows me, and i know 'dia' too. It comes to my knowledge that several of my close friends- whove been knowing me since high school, read my blog from time to time but im okay with it cause they know me since we were in high school, and we are CLOSE. Now, if you really understands who i am and how i work myself, you'd know, which door you should not open, which door you shouldnt even glance to.

You know, i treat my blog as my imaginary friend. I spill everything and almost every events happened in my life is here. This is basically my diary. What i went through, how i feel, what i want to say, what i want to do, basically i write everything here. Anything that i cant or wont tell people i write here. And i dont know how to describe, but to put in simpler words, i hate when people knows much about me. So, when you read what i write here its like you've lived 70% of my life. Its like youve known so much about me and i hate so much about that to the extent that murdering you will be my only life goal.

Its enough, for you to know me the way i am. Like, you guys should just know my face and my name and that is forever enough.

I have unpublish all the entries before, and left this one unattended. I dont know if you finish reading all my previous entry or not, but can i suggest you one thing? Forget ALL the stuffs you read here, because it got nothing to do with you, seriously. Its my life, and whoever butts in even their pinky finger in my life, i'll make sure even the ash from burning your pinky finger, gone into the thin air.

In anyway, i cant blame anyone except myself that it did not occur to my mind that someone would stumble across my hiding place. I dont know how you stumble, or how you walk in here i wish i will not have that knowledge in my mind forever. I shouldve had set my blog to private but i did not. and that drives me half mad. and half crazy too.

It was such a waste. You know i had this blog since 2009, if im correctly remember, if not longer. That now, you are aware of my fake google account and my so called worn out blog that i decided to just abandoned this place. I dont know if you found my stuffss in these internet but please, at least, respect it.

I can write of all the things that would hurt you but i rather not. This is my blog, which i treated as my diary, where i write things that was supposed to be read by only people who are FRIENDS to me, or CLOSE to me. I dont know if you understand how i feel now, but i guess you wont. Forget all the things you read here, or whatever i wrote anywhere because i strongly believe that none of the things i wrote ANYWHERE has anything to do with you.

Final words, dont simply take someone's pictures and kept it unless you are really close to the that person. and, please know that, i dont make friends with someone from my past.