Saturday, December 3, 2016

18th Convocation - My Graduation Day


I have since 2013 has further my study to one of local Uni in the field of Finance Economics. Which really had my eyes wide open about how this world works, about people about all the things. So, Alhamdulilah to the previous 3 years me for deciding to enter into University. Yep.

And now, moving on to the next phase of life.

I dont really know what to do with my life after this. Of course i know but then.. i dont know how to start.. but sure i know how to but its just myself. I dont know if im being too lazy or what andd that im waiting for a miracle to come. Luls.

Anyway, as every fresh grad experiencing.. to search for a suitable job. I havent found one... yet. How lah i am going to find one in the shortest time? Im thinking of maybe a higher position with a sizable pay but em.. Just pray for me to get a job okay. Since im very choosy and yes, thats my nature. Haha.

but anyway, i believe in Rezeki. Its never late nor early to come to its rightful owner so yeah. Rileks lah ka. So enjoy the pictures from my Graduation Day!