Saturday, August 6, 2016

Internship & Happy Birthday.

Hello guys. 
Im currently undergoing for an internship at Yayasan Sabah Group. Just to fulfill requirement to grad for degree. Allah help me.

Internship? So far so good. Not so, but okay lah. The environment is... warm, fuzzy and people there quite nice and 'nice' too. There's some are very helpful but some are dont. And those who dont usually has the lowest payslip. Ups, sorry i looked. 

So, including me there were another 5 other practical trainee. Coming from UTM, UMSKK, MSU and UNITAR. 6 girls and 6 boys. Among them, im the prettiest one, hahah and im the quickest one to go. Because i only intern for 10 weeks, which is a 2 and a half month. and its august already i can start to count down. 

But, in mid august Tini and Sue will be finishing their internship which means im the only one girls and i shouldve be prepared to... be bullied. :(  So far, all of them has been good to me but there are certain times that i disliked them. Especially that GG_button. that was his whatsapp name. Haha~ I respect him but at the same time i disliked him for being too douche. Sometime he would ask me to make him a coffee like waddafek even clarence estrip never made me do him coffee and now youre telling me to? go to hell. And there was a time i noticed his mouth fuck off silently at me, plus he always made me do hantar document p belakang. Luls. Bencinya but of course i faked at him even now i dont want to have his contact nanti i delete u dari phone i okay. Now worries fuckboy. 

All the pictures upload were was coming from open house for finance department that day. We have SGM, and GMs and of course our SGM handsome. OMG. i kept looking at him at the meeting other day.The staffs were friendly and there were not. and there were some staffs that dont care what u doin but in the end, its the boss perceptive that matters. Haha. 

But i cant comment on any further.. maybe the HR sees my post and.. you know, things happen. Yeah. Allah let me survive the remaining 6 week. Insya Allah

With the practical trainee except for the grey shirted woman.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Finally, im 23! Syukur alhamdulilah. Blessed all this 23 years of living. No celebration, no wishes, no gifts.. exacxtly just what i wanted!. I have been given the best celebration ever - my life, many wishes and many gifts. So, i wont wait for birthday to received them all at once. Yes. But! im not yet 23 cause... My birthday's not up yet according to kalendar islam. Hee, so ima says Im not exactly 23 yet! Im 23 but not yet 23. Hihi.