Sunday, August 7, 2016

What to eat in Labuan FT?

Holla people.

If you happen to stop by in Labuan and doesnt know what to eat for your lunch or dinner or whenever you feeling hungry, then let me assist you! hiks.

It is well known that Labuan FT is an so called island, so nothing you can really do here. Except for the foodies, the sunset views and enjoy the duty free goods!

1. Fratini's Restaurant Pasta and Pizza

Fratini bringing in Italian cuisine. I like the environment here, the decorations and the location also suitable since it is located just across the streets. Fratini deliver foods like (as you know through the name) Pasta, Pizzas, Coffee, Spaghetti, Cakes and all. If you spare only low budget on your food, it is advised for you to not coming here because Fratini are kind of overpriced.

Spaghetti Bolognese Kids Meal costs MYR20. the normal servings for a Spaghetti Bolognese costs MYR28 if im not mistaken. So, hows that price for you?


Spaghetti Bolognese Kids' Portion, Hawaiian Supreme Pizza & Mocha 
Contact them at 087 - 417 555

2. JJ Nazar Restaurant

JJ Nazar bringing in a concept of 'santai' and 'mamak'. JJ Nazar is one of a successful restaurant in Labuan, since it has 3 outlets already. JJ Nazar is a must try in Labuan. It provides foods such as Tosai, Roti Canai, Nasi, Mee, Nan and various types of drinks. JJ Naza also a place to chill, a place to hangout with friends and a place to watch football matches! 

The food here is great and tasty but the services are just quite 'memuaskan'. It depends on the waitress itself. Oh and furthermore, the waitress of JJ Naza are all bertudung so for those that are keeping their gaze you could come down here. :)

Nasi Briyani Ayam
3-layer tea

Nan Cheese
3. The Kairos

I love Kairos! Kairos bringing in the 'santai' and a cozy place. A place that is suitable to have a so called business meetings, dates, or dine in with family or friends. They serve western, asian, east, coffee and many types of cuisine. And the price is afforable and reasonable too! They just opened in 2014 so show some support for them!

A very suggested place!

Sweet N Sour Chicken Rice
Carbonara Spaghetti

Lamb Chop Rice 

Curry Spaghetti

Classic Nutella
Reach them at 087 - 411 795
The Kairos Labuan

4. Warung Pak Pojok 

Well, if you are one of the street foodies, then this place is for you! Especially for the West Malaysians.. The Pak Pojok himself is a West Malaysian, used to be tentera posted in Labuan few years back. But maybe he sees Labuan in a way people dont see, he decided to stay and open food business. His food are marvelous, hundred percent recommended.. Sedapp gilaaa! Plus, the prices are always affordable.. you can dine here at RM10 below per head. Yummy!

Kuey Char Teow Special :)
Mee Basah 
Mi Bandung

Cendol Biasa

5. One Lux Stop Centre

One Lux is one kind of place that *oh yeah you couldve eat something while wait we wash your car*. Yep, its a car wash and diners. I meant by "diners" is, actually there is a lot of warung you can choose your food from. Hot Plate, Char kuew teoy, Pisang goreng, soto, bakso, etc.. Furthermore, they have char kuew teoy ayam which makes us go.. like.. ayam? ha? seriously? hmm okay. But you guys should try it. Highly recommended. 

Contact em @ One Lux 

6. Aroijang Thai Cafe

Airojang Thai is a normal restaurant that you should go for an Original Thailand TomYum. Perghhh sampai sekarang rasa betul tomyam dia d tekak tau. Perfect 100 of TomYam taste. Memang original thai la orang bilang. Besides, they serve seafood as well.. So, its worth your money to spend here. Sorry no pictures but you guys may check out their facebook page and all the reviews are positives.

7. Restaurant Raff 

Restaurant Raff... Ahhhh this restaurant you no kidding me okay. Their food was marvelous top notch and always busy when it comes to lunch. Normally they would not open until night, usually just till evening. So, if you plan to go for dinner you better dont cause they wont opeen it. Haha. So, if you plan on going here, you should try the Nasi Ayam and Nasi Ayam Penyet. I personally prefer the Nasi Ayam Penyet more but yeah some people you should just try. Their coleslaw is perfectttt. Speechless. Nasi campur also nice, lots of choices to choose from.

8. Anjung Selera Indera Gusu 

When it comes to this place kan, emmm terbayang lah pula chicken chop dia. Sedap n murah. Around Rm12 or Rm13.. Yang penting RM15 below ok. Other food pun okay as well, boleh di katakan budget foodplace. Depan pantai, santai. Tapi, satu benda yang nda best... bila aku datang sini boleh dikatakan em.. minuman dia.. thumbs down. I dont know if im the only one experienced it before or what but then.. it always happen. Maybe if i pergi lagi skali then the curse is broken down probably. Hahah. But then you should try this place!

9. Sup Power 

Sup power.. antara yang the best di labuan. Yup, no kidding. Sup dia lain daripada yang lain. Tapi tempat ni buka time malam sahaja. Sometimes pukul 6 begitu pun kerusi pun belum turun lagi. Yes. Kalau mengidam time pagi cannot terus pigi terpaksa tunggu sampai malam. Highly recommended. Mengidam dia sampai berhari2 okay slagi nda pigi slagi itu kau terngiang2 d tekak. Kihkih. Price also affordable and the location is just straight up from city. Do try! 

Any additional fun places will be continuously updated.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Internship & Happy Birthday.

Hello guys. 
Im currently undergoing for an internship at Yayasan Sabah Group. Just to fulfill requirement to grad for degree. Allah help me.

Internship? So far so good. Not so, but okay lah. The environment is... warm, fuzzy and people there quite nice and 'nice' too. There's some are very helpful but some are dont. And those who dont usually has the lowest payslip. Ups, sorry i looked. 

So, including me there were another 5 other practical trainee. Coming from UTM, UMSKK, MSU and UNITAR. 6 girls and 6 boys. Among them, im the prettiest one, hahah and im the quickest one to go. Because i only intern for 10 weeks, which is a 2 and a half month. and its august already i can start to count down. 

But, in mid august Tini and Sue will be finishing their internship which means im the only one girls and i shouldve be prepared to... be bullied. :(  So far, all of them has been good to me but there are certain times that i disliked them. Especially that GG_button. that was his whatsapp name. Haha~ I respect him but at the same time i disliked him for being too douche. Sometime he would ask me to make him a coffee like waddafek even clarence estrip never made me do him coffee and now youre telling me to? go to hell. And there was a time i noticed his mouth fuck off silently at me, plus he always made me do hantar document p belakang. Luls. Bencinya but of course i faked at him even now i dont want to have his contact nanti i delete u dari phone i okay. Now worries fuckboy. 

All the pictures upload were was coming from open house for finance department that day. We have SGM, and GMs and of course our SGM handsome. OMG. i kept looking at him at the meeting other day.The staffs were friendly and there were not. and there were some staffs that dont care what u doin but in the end, its the boss perceptive that matters. Haha. 

But i cant comment on any further.. maybe the HR sees my post and.. you know, things happen. Yeah. Allah let me survive the remaining 6 week. Insya Allah

With the practical trainee except for the grey shirted woman.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Finally, im 23! Syukur alhamdulilah. Blessed all this 23 years of living. No celebration, no wishes, no gifts.. exacxtly just what i wanted!. I have been given the best celebration ever - my life, many wishes and many gifts. So, i wont wait for birthday to received them all at once. Yes. But! im not yet 23 cause... My birthday's not up yet according to kalendar islam. Hee, so ima says Im not exactly 23 yet! Im 23 but not yet 23. Hihi.