Monday, July 11, 2016

Eid Mubarak 2016

Assalamualaikum guyssss

Today marks the 11th July, 7 Syawal and also marks the date of my internship day. Yeah, but im at home now not going for reporting myself. I talked to my supervisor, Veron that if it is possible if i just came tomorrow and yeah she said okay. But then.. how am i going to speak to syed nasirin?

So, this year's raya seems so dull, and umm i dont know because theres no kidsss at all from our family. Except for Adele, yeah. All of the kids beraya rumah their other side of family so now please enjoy the pictures from my raya2 hihihi.

You can say that all of my raya stuff this year quite..... Last minute. I only have 1 baju kurung and 2 new tudung. Both are last minute. I vow to buy my own raya stuff next year as this year i will be graduating soon (Insya Allah, Amiiiin) and tries to get a high paying jobs and participate in the financial market. Wish me luck guys.

I also hope to get marry on 2019, because.... i think thats the ideal year for me to get marry. Probably on mid 2019 or end of it. Insyallah Aminnnn. I have planned to register for driving license right after i habis practical which is umm on mid september and tries to get license before next year. Amin ya Allah please make it easy for me.

I hope my life after this goes smoothly as what i have in mind, because earlier this year im sooooo parak, im sooo down till that i had the thought of suicide in my head.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Transiting to next phase of life

 Hello guys, 

Its July. Finally July, my favorite month of all time. Yes. and i am officially leaving Universiti Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan for my next phase of life. To be honest, i still dont know what to do with my life after this.. i hope someone who is disgusting filthy rich will marry me and gifted me a luxury yacht for me to cruising all over the world. Yes please for that option. 

I had the thought of pursuing Master in Economics but umm if i register i would be enrolled for this year semester and i'll have no rest time!! I plan to rest before convo but then i want to get a job after internship. Please Ya Allah get me a proper job that pays sizable for me to continue my life and support my lifestyle. Hihihi.. 

So and.. im going to intern at Yayasan Sabah and please make this one easier for me. IT IS FAIRLY FAR from my home and yes, how do i get there? If i wanted to drive i cant theres no car available at home and if im intended to ask my brother to sent me like hell no he'll be babbling about how many traffic jams he'll need to go through and how many time he will be wasted duhhh and if i wanted to go by bus omg i dont know how to! Please lah how am i going to do this! Ya Allah please make this one easy for me yahhh 

So, about 28th June 2016, i left UMSKAL and as attached, these are my dorms picture. Umm yeah, im going to miss this cause.. i dont think i'll ever go back here.

My study table

My room and my roomate's bed

My side wall and whiteboard

My comfy bed

What else? Umm Thank you for all these soon to be 3 years. My family, my housemates, roomates, classmates and UMSKAL mates. I'd never done these without you guys. Ive been thinking of not going to the convo fiesta and i hoped that im not here in KK to attend it. Please give me vacation during that time. Lets go somewhere else. Reason? I dont want to meet all of my friends yes. I'll meet them whenever i achieve my ambitions okay. Just meet 5 years later duhhh hahah

Oh btw next week is Raya but still i dont have any raya feelsssss. I didnt even have baju raya yet, no shopping raya and everything feels so normal. Except that it is bulan puasa bulan ramadhan cant eat on the daytime. Actually i want to tiden up my room but then im so lazy for it because... i dont know. I wanted to rearrange my room so that it looks more spacious but then im so not ready for it. I have those plan on my head for now but yeah., i'll do it maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

So, i guess i'll be seeing you guys again on my birthday post, or raya post or internship post. Wish me luck, guys! Huh