Thursday, June 2, 2016


Neyo - Never Knew I Needed

How would you when things are getting tougher but aint yet tough enough? Seeing you going down when what everybody else's doing was climbing up? That the situations sucks you up you could even barely move your limbs? When you were beaten all over again and again that even 0.1 seconds of not getting beaten up is a luxury for you?

Im so sad. Yea, im just having my family day aka bbq and after event party last night but when i opened up my fb notification this morning i just kinda frown. Anelis post in our fb group that carrymarks for Mutual Funds is available now and fortunately Megi upload the file after that.. When i look upon it.. MY CARRY MARKS WAS TH FUCKING LOWEST. not to mention my carry mark the for Portfolio Management waddahell bitchesssss

I know i shouldnt get sad over this you-guys-called-little-things but then IT AFFECTED MY WHOLLY YA KNOW. I hate myself now. I think i was dragged down all along this final semester and and and and I DONT FUCKING KNOW already how to do this. So full of shit lah. Astaghfirullah Lord but you know how i felt inside its like i wanna maki semua orang and then i'll stay still. I dont already know how this thing is going 2016 is a bad year for me already tolong lah aku ya tuhaaaaannn

With my broken phone (twice) my broken laptop (twice) seriously sickened ill shit diseases I was being dropped out from U (now selamat suda) i have go through a looooootttttt of problem you name it i go through every thing hardly this year. As you can read my previous posts are all about the things i went thru this year FUCK ME HARD. BIG SHIT RIGHT NOW I FEEL LIKE MEMAKI ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING HAHAH

Oh hey the Zul & Nana

Ah they celebrities of UMSKAL, Aeni & Kediaq hahah

Anyway, its week 14 and next 2 weeks is exam already and tomrrow im having a SUPER DUPER TOUGH QUIZ/TEST but you see im typing here and listening to Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Because it seems like my dreams are already broken). Im so losing my self conscious because I DIDNT FUCKING REVISE ANYTHING and.. its started to Puasa already next week so yeah. Goodbye, See you on This Raya entry.