Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Drive-thru Entry


D'Massive -Cinta ini membunuhku 

Its been week 7, after the midterm break.. aaand im here sitting typing as it goes.. Im just sitting here with knowing that i have two exam tomorrow. YASSS. Two okay? Okayyyy Mutual Fund subject and Portfolio Management subject. I literally no problem in handling Economy subject but this! Financial Subject! I dont even know how to answer tomorrow exam. IT WAS A FREAKING STRUCTURED QUESTIONS. Allah please help me answering tomorrow question. Duhhh

Actually, i just finish revising portfolio management subject (with a lot a things i left behind duhh) and i supposedly to revise Mutual Fund, but here i am. With my roomate beside me listening to Indonesian songs. Lulz. Please sadarkan saya, ya. 

Oh yeah, Current issue today handled by one of our new instructor, Sir Ricky cannot put his last name here nanti dia google dia jumpa my blog. Wihhiihi but seriously he is so damn attractive and good looking.. He just graduated from UPM last year and already in KAL to lecture us. Damnshit he so fine. i decided to search for his instagram anddd jackpot! found his instagram and facebook. I requested in insta already since im invisible and i hoped that he approved me quickly me want to stalk him soooo bad. I want to khatam his 300 something picture. Yas please hhihihihi

Oh yeah, we'll be having HE22 annual dinner @ Prom Night this saturday. Like hell yeah, its too early but then oh well. i used money to pay for my fees to buy my dress. Im so fucked up right now like i cant even stay still. My the other day punya case hasnt solved yet and im already acting like it is solved already. Aduhh Ya Allah, please be with me on this one. Hmmm

Ok, enough for my recess time. I need to go back to revising Mutual Fund. I still got few more chapters and calculations to learn. Till then, bye.