Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Small Update

Hello everyone..

Im not supposed to be here, but.. oh well sometimes we need break from all those things kan. So here i am typing and type...

Im in love Big Bang. Not to mention i have always loved them since forever but yeah i love them more right now. I dont know but maybe because they are getting hotter year by year.. Yeahhhh especially my love boyfriend TOP, SeungRi, Tae Yang and Dae Sung. Duhhhh please lah..

Moving on to my final semester.. there is alot of student that has gotten their Internships already.. oh please ya Allah please let them respond positively on my application tuhhh.. please lahh.. at least 1 pun yang respon pun okay suda tuh.. it is 2nd week of my semester aaaannd guess what? EVERYTHING ARE ADVANCING!  I mean like, yeah its the second week not the week 13 so chill lah. Everything needed to due this day la tomorrow lah lusa lah deiiiii too much work. Like Lol lecturers cant you just give me space i need to do alot of things lah. Not to mention, i havent started off my FYP yet okayyyy. Not yet okayyyy. Boo. and also of course i havent pay my school fees he he he.. Later lah ah me right now berhutang dulu.

So, in the first week i am so unlucky huehuehue. My laptop broke out again booooo but its okay right now. and my lips ballooned out of sudden and you think???? Im going to class with face mask ON!!!haahhaha everyone were like eh why ah whats with the face mask? and of course my nose is also suddenly ballooned but luckily its hard to notice right now. Even still, my nose is swollen. hu hu hu

Ive sent my resume to some of the organization so please some of you please lah respond k. Amiiin im in need of internship placement right now so please......................

what else? I guess i'll see ya in a long time since i have so MANY works to do right now. besok pagi lagi kena cuci kain sobssobss..

Till then, Bye.