Monday, March 14, 2016

Shouting im all good! as i fall down the hill :(

Hello guys..

2016 started bad for me.. and is still bad.. im not sure of what should i do now.. *sigh.. im now at home try to finish my fyp (final year project) aka my thesis to graduate this year.. duh.. can you please advise me on how can i live my life right now?

last thursday i went home from labuan.. GUESS WHAT? i soaked my phone in toilet bowl.. ACCIDENTALLY! what the f *sigh now what to do? better yet my laptop now broke anddd i have to bear with no phone no laptop.. luckily im at home now and everything is high tech nowadays. i still not got my internship placement yet so yeah.. hope after this they respond la ya.. please lah.. nda kan aku mau intern dekat kedai murti sana.. jual air aiskrim ais semua uwaaaa mamaaaa ples help me

and now, i cant continue my so call thesis because i have no eviews to run the data. what the heck i try to download and what i downloaded was just virusessssssss.. and it kinda lag my pc so the hell with this viruses fak ya all. and ive been searching for eviews for days and i hope this one that im currently download could do all the work. please.

 i know.. i know that i shouldnt be sighed with my life now cause all this is just a phase in life yeah.. but.. i could endure it? i hope so cause i think Allah has put my life in wonderful these few years and all the tests sudden came and testing me so yeah.. i should just go through it.. if this ended in a such beautiful way so why not i just put it nicely and endure it till the end right?

Sara and i believe this will be end in a beautiful way so bismilahirahmanirahim to my new journey of 2016. I hope things will work out soon even if it is not the way i plan it. eh sudden positive la pula hahaha nice bella keep it up! no lah, i just imagine if this year i can further my master in UK. why not kan? it has been my dreams since im a student to pursue study in abroad. i want to playy snowssss heheh.. yeah, master in UK please!!!!

so, i think i will be back in Labuan by sunday.. cause i need to submit my fyp by next monday.. what to do lah.. haihhh and dont forget i need to complete my slides as well.. presentation oh crap yes i need to think about my attire. aduiii what kind of attire i need to wear ah i mean baju bah ndakan i want to pakai baju officewear kan.. im thinking of wearing dress like officewear dress like the one gf harvey gf mike in suit pakai tu bah.. or like jessica pearson tu pakai but i think it will go away from the definition of fyp formal attire. huehuehue,,..

so what else? hmm later if there is something i wanna say i'll just update this entry okay. heuehue