Sunday, February 21, 2016

Semester 2 2015/2016

Hello guys...

I went to fix my laptop earlier..and that computer guy and me almost has an endless debate. I showed him my laptop and he arrogantly says teda windows tuh laptop and i was like yeah you think i dont know kah? anyone with a laptop would know that my laptop loses its windows just by looking at my blank screen that says... Operating system not found. 

Then he arrogantly tells me mau kena format tuh and i was like duhh memanglah mau kena format suda hilang kan OS dia what the hell are you lah. Bodoh betul. i asked him so... which windows kamu kasi masuk ni? i asked him with a serious face. and he answer windows 8 lah kami kasi masuk, i asked again.. 8.1 or just 8? he dengan derk jawab 8.1.. sebab kami nda berani kasi masuk tuh windows 10.. windows 10 sekarang nda stabil.. eh eh.. I used to pakai windows 10 and it went well for me. for me its fast, attractive and of course hassle free. i like it. and we went to debate about it. i asked him why lah u say windows 10 unstable kan.. because of that bugs ka or coding dia nda complete ka.. and he only say memang tuh windows banyak masalah.. rata2 semua orang complain dorang slalu kasi minta downgrade.

i tell you ah.. sebagai pekerja kedai komputer, you only say the advantages of a certain products. avoid talks about its disadvantages. talking about it only seems like you discourage her/him to buy it. that simple pun cannot think ka? Ya you may talk about its disadvantages.. but pandai2 lah kau buat mcam dia disadvantages yang okay for the consumer. eh bodoh lah computer guy tuh. Aku tny kenapa windows 10 unstable as he say.. nda dapat jawab. See? certainly kedai kamu nda bagus.

And it doesnt stop there. As my laptop siap kan.. my brother took it and guess what? he kasi masuk Windows 7.. he fucking says saya kasi masuk windows 8.1 but look? eyy bodoh gia lepas tuh bagi masuk Ms office 2010. the hell? then i myself kasi upgrade pigi windows 10 and Ms Office 2013.. and he say backup kan.. manada dia backup. Such bodohlah how come you can work there ah? i dont get it. he backup only 45% lah begitu lepas tuh kasi masuk benda2 bodoh. Adakah pigi install sampai 10 toolbars, antivirus yang teda2, software bodoh2.. kalau akulah pigi ambil laptop ni tadi suda hancur abis aku kerja kan kedai dia tuh. bodoh lah

ok back to the point of my post. I am proceeding to a brand new semester.. my last semester insha allah. Nana and Sara have to extend.. :( and i guess much of my coursemate will have to extend as well.. hmmm i guess i myself lah convo sendiri2 ni gambar sendiri2 hahah.. anyway.. im going back with alot of stuff this time and guess what stuff... i bawa kuali okeh, bawa makanan tin, my cares and stuffs liddat. Nih rasanya still okay because guess what zity suru i bawa beras. Beras 10kg,, like are you even kidding me? haha then i tell her that kita beli d labuan ja lah and with oth things juga.

Omaigod i cant even think of this new semester lahhh lots of things im going to learn and of course lah kan then that Mdm aminah ajar lagi balik iskkk i dont wanna... and gabung lagi dgn he19.. me dont want. ugh please lah.

ok.. about my result.. my result last sem lah paling teruk antara semua semester. :( what id do? oh yeah lah orang study aku sana tgk kasi abis Harry Potter, Hobbit lah apalah.. uwekkkkk.. but its okay lah asalkan i dapat 3 and above untuk grad nanti.. amin ya Allah amin..

ok.. hm what else ah? okay back to other thing i was doing. See ya!