Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Annual Family Trip

Halo Guys,,

As usual, our annual family trip. xD. Yeah so last last week we took a trip to Brunei for #hajjminawedding2016 . Was quite a nice trip *because #hannasalsa and adele is with us! Yeayyy hahaha.

With da kidsss for the trip

Selfie d kedai tayar
pit stop in Temburong

change of tires


Afy da cute boy

The people that always compliments me <3 br="">

When someone asked for your food ^^


You see, last time i went to Brunei is last year raya. So this time when we go there it seems like i understand and memorize the route and highways already hahah. Not because im driving, but because im the one who reads and look at the map. from searching to our hotel, to go back to Tasek Meradun, to the wedding hall to the city and go back to hotel. Next time im visiting Brunei i wanna try to drive there lah kan. Maybe the feelings are different because in KK malaarr traffic jam everywhere. Hikhik.

So, originally we plan to go at dusk. But guess what? one of the kid's passport is left in the immigration offices so we need to go there at morning then the original plan canceled. We started off our route by 8am, starting with the workshops, to align tyre and recover back the no. plate. One of the alphabet is missing so my sister afraid it will be an issue at the immigration post. I said, then we'll just act out like it just missing or fell out on the way here. My brother kinda agree with me but my sister insist out to just make it.

By 1pm, we arrived in Sipitang and decided to have lunch there. You see, 1pm ok.It was quite late already for us and it was not even halfway yet. We had pitstop everywhere u name it gas stations public toilet convenience store blablabla. But mostly gas station. Upon entering first part of Brunei, Temburong then we dont stop anywhere already. Just go straight. But, at the last immigration post, kereta apik kena langgar by one of the Brunei's sukarelawan. But then alhamdulilah nothing happens. By then, we need to change tires because of flat tires.

Upon arrival, confused mau tinggal mana cause kami sampai pkul 8 almost 9 begitu. Hajah Datin insist tinggal d rumah dia but then my sister dont want mau pegi tinggal hotel juga. Because kami ramai so half tidur d rumah half tidur d hotel. Luls. But more comfortable tidur d hotel lah kan. Hikhik.

First day, we pegi orang kawin and as usual our place.. Kompleks Yayasan. Yeayy but we have limited time as our cousins nak jumpa and time tu dekat hotel dah mereka. So we need to excuse everything off me go to our hotel bruhh. Have to. So, we sedapkan hati that night kita pegi Jerudong park yeayyy

That night we originally plan to go to Jerudong park but then everyone was so exhausted that we decided to just... stay at our hotels. emm i know it is boring but we have to drive for another 5 to 8 hours the next day so they decided not to go for Jerudong park. When it got us very excited and guess who the one to get ready first? siapa lagi saya lah. hahaha. turns out tidak jadi so i just bawa the kids pegi convenience store dekat bawah and buy them some snacks and toys.

Umm, nothing really happens on Brunei anyway except we met with one of my late father closest friend and he told us how he and my father would go fishing together. And in my mind, it would be nice if my father still here with us and see them reunited again. Btw, he is a pilot and he told us to just say hi if we were on board while he pilot-ing the plane. Hikhik. Of course our babu Ati is remarrying again. She brought us for some hi-tea in which her husband treat all of us hehe.

So, i guess if there's anything left out for this post i'll just update ok. Adios

Saturday, December 3, 2016

18th Convocation - My Graduation Day


I have since 2013 has further my study to one of local Uni in the field of Finance Economics. Which really had my eyes wide open about how this world works, about people about all the things. So, Alhamdulilah to the previous 3 years me for deciding to enter into University. Yep.

And now, moving on to the next phase of life.

I dont really know what to do with my life after this. Of course i know but then.. i dont know how to start.. but sure i know how to but its just myself. I dont know if im being too lazy or what andd that im waiting for a miracle to come. Luls.

Anyway, as every fresh grad experiencing.. to search for a suitable job. I havent found one... yet. How lah i am going to find one in the shortest time? Im thinking of maybe a higher position with a sizable pay but em.. Just pray for me to get a job okay. Since im very choosy and yes, thats my nature. Haha.

but anyway, i believe in Rezeki. Its never late nor early to come to its rightful owner so yeah. Rileks lah ka. So enjoy the pictures from my Graduation Day!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

There comes a time when silence became betrayal

Hello guys.

Ive been wanting to write these few days/weeks because 1. Im officially jobless *duhh and second, im boring but then i stayed at home almost every day and still im unable to update the blog. Last post were on august back when im still doing my internship. Yeah.

So, today's topic is going to be betrayal.

plus with other topic as well. Hahah so, try to listen to this song while reading this Ratu- Baik baik saja. You know, i dont always put on some malay songs but when i do, it means i am truly feeling what the song means haha. Luls. Silly me.

So, dear my money-talk friend, i dont have a lot to say because you are not officially mine yet but what you did WAS really intriguing me. I kept on thinking these few days like oh no wonder you acted that way, its because of that! and the more i think the more i find the rational in how you act these several few months.

and yes. thats how i feel. I feel fear and disillusionment at first, followed by disappointment. and when i kept on thinking i feel.. betrayed. Now, im angry of you. i cant even think of doing anything with you anymore. How stupid i am to trust you with all your words, all your reasons when finally the answer is simple. Dont blame anyone in this thing but blame myself for being too rigid to believe all the words coming out from your mouth.

you know how i am with my surroundings. You can be considered VERY LUCKY to know such person i am and i guess after this, you're not going to be in my life again. Adios.


Ok so, im done with my betrayal subject. i just need something to pour into and i guess its done. Not going to think about it after this *well yeah maybe i do but its ok*

So, convocation is near and i still figuring out whether to go or not. I said to Zul that im going but em.. i dont know if i should go or not. What kind of outfit? what shoe? what bag? and how im going to go with these pimple on my cheek? *sigh. Anyway, i just not yet coming to labuan as i promised nana so i still owe her a visit and umm when should i go ah? Oh yeah, and our trip to Pulau still not yet done so i guess it'll be postponed to next month since im going for the convos this month. Nanti sunburn so how lah? I guess its ugly to look sunburn during convo photos Kahkahkah. So maybe after trip to brunei then we'll go to pulau mandi manda right.

And yeah, i am looking for a job suitable with my degree. I understand that i cant be very picky but then how am i going to build a career if all the work i found suitable is just an admin clerk and blablabla *sigh. Ya Allah please help me ease me to find work that is suitable for me to start and build my career so that the bloody betrayer regrets for betraying me. Yes.

I did was being invited to 2 interviews already but i didnt go. As the one is in KL and the other one is like, menipu. Hahah it was from Maybank KL and Prime Pacific. As i look in the internet, Prime Pacific is an institutions who did the busines of financial products. Like bonds, gold and errthing except stock. It was doubtful at first because usually company like this use stock. Hmm. then i went to check to internet, and yes, They did this way too long in Indo already. Prime pacific doesnt even convinced me.  The way their website look like a fraud and i know already, this company sure want me to go out and make sales for them and go promote their stuff. As you guys know, i feared sales. I cant talk to random people promoting all these products like luls. I dont even talk to random people yet they want me to go promote to stranger memang tidaklah.

anyway, i enjoy being at home and hell yeah hail hydra!

I lost so much weight that i want to catwalk beside person that called me fat once!

So, i guess this is the end of this entries. Looking forward to write another story!! Hikhik, maybe when i secured a job okay, Bye for now.

Love, NA<3 br="">

Sunday, August 7, 2016

What to eat in Labuan FT?

Holla people.

If you happen to stop by in Labuan and doesnt know what to eat for your lunch or dinner or whenever you feeling hungry, then let me assist you! hiks.

It is well known that Labuan FT is an so called island, so nothing you can really do here. Except for the foodies, the sunset views and enjoy the duty free goods!

1. Fratini's Restaurant Pasta and Pizza

Fratini bringing in Italian cuisine. I like the environment here, the decorations and the location also suitable since it is located just across the streets. Fratini deliver foods like (as you know through the name) Pasta, Pizzas, Coffee, Spaghetti, Cakes and all. If you spare only low budget on your food, it is advised for you to not coming here because Fratini are kind of overpriced.

Spaghetti Bolognese Kids Meal costs MYR20. the normal servings for a Spaghetti Bolognese costs MYR28 if im not mistaken. So, hows that price for you?


Spaghetti Bolognese Kids' Portion, Hawaiian Supreme Pizza & Mocha 
Contact them at 087 - 417 555

2. JJ Nazar Restaurant

JJ Nazar bringing in a concept of 'santai' and 'mamak'. JJ Nazar is one of a successful restaurant in Labuan, since it has 3 outlets already. JJ Nazar is a must try in Labuan. It provides foods such as Tosai, Roti Canai, Nasi, Mee, Nan and various types of drinks. JJ Naza also a place to chill, a place to hangout with friends and a place to watch football matches! 

The food here is great and tasty but the services are just quite 'memuaskan'. It depends on the waitress itself. Oh and furthermore, the waitress of JJ Naza are all bertudung so for those that are keeping their gaze you could come down here. :)

Nasi Briyani Ayam
3-layer tea

Nan Cheese
3. The Kairos

I love Kairos! Kairos bringing in the 'santai' and a cozy place. A place that is suitable to have a so called business meetings, dates, or dine in with family or friends. They serve western, asian, east, coffee and many types of cuisine. And the price is afforable and reasonable too! They just opened in 2014 so show some support for them!

A very suggested place!

Sweet N Sour Chicken Rice
Carbonara Spaghetti

Lamb Chop Rice 

Curry Spaghetti

Classic Nutella
Reach them at 087 - 411 795
The Kairos Labuan

4. Warung Pak Pojok 

Well, if you are one of the street foodies, then this place is for you! Especially for the West Malaysians.. The Pak Pojok himself is a West Malaysian, used to be tentera posted in Labuan few years back. But maybe he sees Labuan in a way people dont see, he decided to stay and open food business. His food are marvelous, hundred percent recommended.. Sedapp gilaaa! Plus, the prices are always affordable.. you can dine here at RM10 below per head. Yummy!

Kuey Char Teow Special :)
Mee Basah 
Mi Bandung

Cendol Biasa

5. One Lux Stop Centre

One Lux is one kind of place that *oh yeah you couldve eat something while wait we wash your car*. Yep, its a car wash and diners. I meant by "diners" is, actually there is a lot of warung you can choose your food from. Hot Plate, Char kuew teoy, Pisang goreng, soto, bakso, etc.. Furthermore, they have char kuew teoy ayam which makes us go.. like.. ayam? ha? seriously? hmm okay. But you guys should try it. Highly recommended. 

Contact em @ One Lux 

6. Aroijang Thai Cafe

Airojang Thai is a normal restaurant that you should go for an Original Thailand TomYum. Perghhh sampai sekarang rasa betul tomyam dia d tekak tau. Perfect 100 of TomYam taste. Memang original thai la orang bilang. Besides, they serve seafood as well.. So, its worth your money to spend here. Sorry no pictures but you guys may check out their facebook page and all the reviews are positives.

7. Restaurant Raff 

Restaurant Raff... Ahhhh this restaurant you no kidding me okay. Their food was marvelous top notch and always busy when it comes to lunch. Normally they would not open until night, usually just till evening. So, if you plan to go for dinner you better dont cause they wont opeen it. Haha. So, if you plan on going here, you should try the Nasi Ayam and Nasi Ayam Penyet. I personally prefer the Nasi Ayam Penyet more but yeah some people you should just try. Their coleslaw is perfectttt. Speechless. Nasi campur also nice, lots of choices to choose from.

8. Anjung Selera Indera Gusu 

When it comes to this place kan, emmm terbayang lah pula chicken chop dia. Sedap n murah. Around Rm12 or Rm13.. Yang penting RM15 below ok. Other food pun okay as well, boleh di katakan budget foodplace. Depan pantai, santai. Tapi, satu benda yang nda best... bila aku datang sini boleh dikatakan em.. minuman dia.. thumbs down. I dont know if im the only one experienced it before or what but then.. it always happen. Maybe if i pergi lagi skali then the curse is broken down probably. Hahah. But then you should try this place!

9. Sup Power 

Sup power.. antara yang the best di labuan. Yup, no kidding. Sup dia lain daripada yang lain. Tapi tempat ni buka time malam sahaja. Sometimes pukul 6 begitu pun kerusi pun belum turun lagi. Yes. Kalau mengidam time pagi cannot terus pigi terpaksa tunggu sampai malam. Highly recommended. Mengidam dia sampai berhari2 okay slagi nda pigi slagi itu kau terngiang2 d tekak. Kihkih. Price also affordable and the location is just straight up from city. Do try! 

Any additional fun places will be continuously updated.