Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Before 2016

Hello Everyone!!

Ne Yo- So Sick 

We are almost end of 2016 brahhh!!! and um.. 1 semester left for me :) 

Remember that day i wass soooo messed up? because i did wrong in my FRM assignment. I had all kind of bad thought on my mind. that of course i would be scolded by lecturers, that i would have a bad carry mark, that i would have various comments from my classmates because initially Miss Aqilah want the presentation to be held in a class. Full with my friends, classmates and other lecturers as well! *cries* 

and theeeennnn... 

Madam Zainab and Sir Shariff were there too. Lagilah nangis kuat2. ummm.. I am soooo depressed but yeah, it cant be that bad kan. So, main langgar saja lah! turns out it was nice. though i nearly cried in the first place but, alhamdulilah. cant say more anymore. Cukup pada haritu what was happen and kami kena puji :) 

One more thing, my laptop masuk clinic. I was updating that day and then i let it update overnight lah kan. tuptup, besok pagi mau sambung tengok Harry Potter trus jadi macamni suda. 

At first im okay with it. Maybe if i cari tutorial online on how to fix that kind of problem, it'll be okay. Theeeeen, i found no answer. Ada pun inapplicable. Cannot selamat suda. Everyone i refer to dorang cakap, senang cerita format lah. Choiii format apa bendanya, banyak kot barang dalam tuh. Video gila2, gambar holiday and gambar Beby Salsa dari day 1 sampai sekarang ni. Sayang pula mau format macam tuh ja. So i decided lepas presentation (because my presentation was in the morning, 8am) bawa laptop ni balik. Hiuhiuhiu

So, bila sampai kk pulaaaa... Yes. My laptop sure needs a recovery. Hardisk i rosak :( Then i told yang pekerja tuh to replace hardisk. Kira macam beli external baru lah kan. Tapiiiii in my mind habislah my stuffssss my pictures my videos my journals my files and everything. Apakan daya. halal ja lah semua tuh :(

Major apology to Sandralyn because gambar beby salsa since day 1 till now lost macam tu aje. So sorry :( i tak kisah kalo gmbar  i yang hilang, but now its orang lain punya gambar. Sedih mak mcam ni hurmmmm :(

Anyway, its exam fever now. But then, i dont feel any fever hahaha baik exam mahupun demam. Because the only timing i demam is time macam ni lah. Either hujung or awal tahun. But now, i dont feel anything. Hmm its exam week and yet i tak rasa nak study hard pun :( kenapa macam niiiii oh please at least i dont want my results to have C or B-. Cukup sakit lah tuh yea dapat B-. Harap2 my result range A --> B. Wihihihihi. Even aku nda study hard harap dapat result yang gempak and CGPA is maintained. Jyeahh!!

-------2015 in a Nutshell------

hmm.. what have i accomplished in 2015 yeah? Umm, we'll start month by month yea: 

To Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam --Checked!
To Bandung & Jakarta, Indonesia --Checked!
To Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei --Checked!
CGPA increase --Checked!
LOST WEIGHT --Checked!
Have a new pair of Birks --Checked!
Ex boyfriends made a comeback --Checked!
Single for the whole year --Checked! 

Hahahaha. All that checklist seems to be so.. childish kan? Yalah, im still studying apa kan. But its okay. My wishlist in 2016 is going to be matured i think. Wihihihi.. Oh yeah, that last checklist was so *emoji ketawa keluar airmata* and yeah, he did came back for me. Oh boy, i told ya that i will be the last best girl you ever got kan? Hihihihi. So late lah you, lain lah you came back with Porsche, 20k in bank accounts, and a nice penthouse then for sure lah i am marrying you! ahah joking. 

Anyway, please doakan saya lebih matang pada tahun depan, lebih berdikari, lebih cantik, lebih comel, lebih manja dan lebih manis di pandang. Dan, tolong doakan saya ada boyfriend suda k. Wihihihi