Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick update

Hello everyone..

Just to keep you guys update, hihii

Adam is too cute you know, haih lah.. he thinks that aku merajuk sama dia, and yet he's looking for me with Zul.. haha zul told me all this, and i dont know why. hmm but then, he's cute anyway *senyum siring*

Oh yah, please wish me luck cause i need to present my research *sigh* in front of my whole class duhh. And yet i realize that i did some mistakes in my project paper. How ah? i apply time series in my project paper.. and there was a some misunderstanding during the procedure.. and yet the results are so....... confusing. this and that have some negative relationship while they are supposed to be positive. and vice versa. me not understand. i hope that when i present it in front of the class and lecturers as well, they would not ask me a single question. Amiiiin.

and um.. what else?

Oh ya. i dont know why i feel so lazy these days. uhhh. Its week 10 already Bella i need to focus on my final already but here i am dont know what do revise to do updating my blog playing the games on my ipad and.. i bet im gonna watch movies after this. Allah please help me.