Friday, November 6, 2015

Waiting to be erased

Assalamualaikum, Hello guys!

Im in my semester 5 already! Hikhik.

International Financial Risk Management
Advanced Econometric
International Economic Instituitions
International Investment
International Macroeconomy
Business Communication

So, all of the above was my subject for this sem, and follow the level of toughness accordingly. I just hope that my CGPA this semester will rise, Insya Allah, Amin.

This semester, i got a new house, new roomate, new housemate. Hiksss My housemates are OK but... She always complaint about me being noisy in home sometimes....... and she just tweeted it. Like, hello if i am disturbing your peacefulness life *smirk* then you shouldnt brag it in social media you know. You shouldve just tell me in front of my face, huhu. Like, whats the problem? Bilang gengster. But she was nice though, she looks all sweet and i like her lips, natural color.. which is red. Hmm.

And and and, of course! i lost 3 kg! Which made my day so much. only now, we are focusing on the #49kgbefore2016 . That is new our new motto. Datin Sri, Puan Sri & Datin Sri Tun. =) -- my new close friends.

Assignment? Haha, assignment keep hold on saja. No kena kacau2 pun. :( ... how lah to achieve 4 nih? Oh ya, that day for Risk subject, we were told to do a conceptual paper on Hire Purchase Rescheduling: Does it benefit the consumer? We were sooo kacau that we didnt know how to do it *since it was our first time writing a conceptual paper huhu* so we just hantam saja lah kan.. And that day, Miss Aqilah (our lecturer for Risk) said that there is this one group doing their best writing conceptual paper that she thinking of publishing it (sending it to the journals -Elsevier, Emerald or somewhere else lah kan). Annndd i got this feeling that i might be our group. Teehee.. Reason?well at first she said that the group wasnt from 3.5 students which is clearly not us HAHA. And, i think we are the only one group that writes about a scenario. HMMM.. Yeah, i hope so its us. Hiks. And if its me, i'll update here!

Ok, whats next? The reason is them talking about their each other's back *HAHA* . See? that is why i wasnt in yo guys circles anymo. and im glad you guys kicked me out slowly. But um, you no need kick out lah okay? i walk my way alone. A talks about B, when B would talk about C to A, and then tells it again to D, then D goes again to A. *pening*. See, this is why i dont like to have many friends, either it kills you or you kill yourself. Too much drama, and i dont deal with drama that good. Often leads to battle. Hiks. Anyway, im glad im not in yo wasap group and yeah, goodbye to this so fake friendship. I dont need you guys anymo.

Ok, then theres this again. My crush since 2013. I talked about him in the previous previous entry. I stopped stalking him last 2 months. I need to move on. And, he's got a new girlfriend already. :( And that kinda makes me sad.. How many of your gf come and go and i was there for you. How come you did not notice me? Stupid guy! Now, i will move on from being the same signboard in the same place for years. I would go away now. Goodbye crush :') Nanti clash jangan datang balik ah.

There's this guy, in my campus. He is sweet and all charms. -Through instagram ja lah. We were close before and now it feel like he's distancing himself from me. I dont meant to feel all those things, we talked much like almost everyday every part of the day... but now, we're not even having conversation.. only twitter mentions and such. *sigh* and he would looking at my profiles everytimes and favs all the things i retweet last week or what i tweeted. But now? Its nothing. He's currently flirting with some girls in campus. I just hope he's happy with his decision. You almost got me there, but yeah. You prefer plastics rather than diamonds, kan? Harap kau nda menyesal lah lepas ni.

I really want to move on right now. I need to focus on myself, my family and my future. With the world's economy uncertainty, there is alot of things that i need to focus right now. I want to fulfill my dreams, so now i shall look into only my life. and CGPA too. HAHAHA.

Hmm what else ah?