Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Till we meet again


This entry is for, someone that has occupied my heart. Still, from the last two year. :)

I heard that you are going back tomorrow. And for sure, we dont get to meet for the last time around. And thats kinda makes me sad. So, this is pile of things that i want to say to you. But i was ashamed of.

I love you. I dont have any particular reason of why i should fall for you.. but i just do. I love the idea of you, and oh man i just love who you are.

You have major respect for women, you are effortlessly sexy, though you are not that good with english communication especially grammar but you are just.. lovable. you prioritise your family and friends, and everything suits you.

I still dont know whether to regret or cherish my decision when i decided to follow you in twitter. Sometime i thought that i shouldnt have, but some time i thought i should. And some time i just want to approve your friend request in Facebook but nah, i decided not to. And still, i dont want us to be friends in facebook. Twitter is enough i think.

We've hung out 4 times this time. First date would be us watching Terminator in MBO Imago KK together, and a quick meal at Burger King right next to Upperstar. Second date would be watching AntMan in GSC Suria, and had a loooong night with you. We stayed for an hour or two in McD Api2 and later on went searching for Naan cheese. We ended up on somewhere with Roti Tisu and all. Third date was you introduce me to your friend, Bread. HAHA he was quite funny and talkative, which suits me  the most because i dont talk a lot. Then you guys sings for me, treat me mamaks food. The last meetup was when i supposedly meet your friend, but you ended up there too. And it happened so fast that i can see you guys walk away leaving us (me&my cousin).

I have a lot of to say to you, but i cant. Perhaps you thought we are just normal friends. But.. its more than that. I hope you could understand that my hints. It was for you.

I look forward to see you again. Have a safe flight and a smooth landing. Have a safe journey and happy reaching there, again. Study smart and dont flirt ok. Im gonna miss you, MAR.

Yours always.