Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Till we meet again


This entry is for, someone that has occupied my heart. Still, from the last two year. :)

I heard that you are going back tomorrow. And for sure, we dont get to meet for the last time around. And thats kinda makes me sad. So, this is pile of things that i want to say to you. But i was ashamed of.

I love you. I dont have any particular reason of why i should fall for you.. but i just do. I love the idea of you, and oh man i just love who you are.

You have major respect for women, you are effortlessly sexy, though you are not that good with english communication especially grammar but you are just.. lovable. you prioritise your family and friends, and everything suits you.

I still dont know whether to regret or cherish my decision when i decided to follow you in twitter. Sometime i thought that i shouldnt have, but some time i thought i should. And some time i just want to approve your friend request in Facebook but nah, i decided not to. And still, i dont want us to be friends in facebook. Twitter is enough i think.

We've hung out 4 times this time. First date would be us watching Terminator in MBO Imago KK together, and a quick meal at Burger King right next to Upperstar. Second date would be watching AntMan in GSC Suria, and had a loooong night with you. We stayed for an hour or two in McD Api2 and later on went searching for Naan cheese. We ended up on somewhere with Roti Tisu and all. Third date was you introduce me to your friend, Bread. HAHA he was quite funny and talkative, which suits me  the most because i dont talk a lot. Then you guys sings for me, treat me mamaks food. The last meetup was when i supposedly meet your friend, but you ended up there too. And it happened so fast that i can see you guys walk away leaving us (me&my cousin).

I have a lot of to say to you, but i cant. Perhaps you thought we are just normal friends. But.. its more than that. I hope you could understand that my hints. It was for you.

I look forward to see you again. Have a safe flight and a smooth landing. Have a safe journey and happy reaching there, again. Study smart and dont flirt ok. Im gonna miss you, MAR.

Yours always.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Minyak Kelapa untuk Rambut

Hello everyone! So, i feel like i should share some of the tips for Minyak Rambut Kelapa. Well, bukannya susah pun.. senang jer, gerenti senang!


Kelapa tua parut (yang baru)
Kayu Manis


1. Keluarkan segala santan daripada kelapa tua parut ituuu.. Pastikan PEKAT ya. Normally setiap biji kelapa akan hasilkan 4 gelas santan. Pastikan pekat ok.

2. Masak santan dalam kuali pada api yang sederhana.

3. Biarkan dan kacau hanya bila perlu.

4. This is going to take so looong. Eventually, santan tuh akan bertukar colour.

4. Bila santan berubah warna kuning, letak kan kayu manis. KAYU MANIS Original okay. Jangan letak yang serbuk punya. This will make it very wangi instead of bau kelapa on your head.

5. Keep stirring.

6. At last, bila santan telah berubah warna coklat ataupun minyak kelapa itu telah berhasil! Tahniah boo!

Selamat mencuba guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Resepi: Bubur Tepung Pulut

Hey gais. Its been a long time since i post an entry about food. I believe this is a simple recipe for those beginners yang macam ai ni untuk buat kan.. Acah2 motherly pula main masak2 bubur ni tau.. hiks

So, Bubur tepung pulut. Here we go. Ini sukatan resipi untuk sekeluarga makan tau. Kalau makan sendiri, kurang2 kan lah sedikit yah.

Bahan-bahan diperlukan;

1 pkt tepung pulut
Santan biji kelapa
Gula pasir
Biji sagu
Beberapa pewarna makanan (sukahati colour apa ya)


1. Asingkan biji sagu dan rendam.

2. Campurkan tepung pulut dan sedikit air. Gaul hingga sebati. Jangan terlalu cair ya, yang sedang2 saja. hehe

3. Bahagikan portion yang sama rata untuk setiap pewarna. Setiap bekas satu. Contoh gambar dekat bawah ni ha. Gaulkan lagi setiap portion untuk setiap warna okay sampailah warnanya cun melecun. Awww

4. Panaskan santan yang telah diperah tadi. Pada api yang slow yaa. Selepas beberapa minit, tuangkan gula pasir pada kuantiti yang diinginkan. Tak nak banyak2 lah kaaan sikit2 dah lah asalkan rasa manis tuu dahlahh (still pada api yang low ya)

5.  Pada masa ni, boleh lah panggil jiran sebelah kampung sekali untuk join pembentukan tepung pulut warna warni tadi. Boleh buat bentuk macam sukahati korang lah okay. Bulat boleh, empat segi boleh, tiga segi puuun boleh! Bentukkan dan masuk terus kat dalam santan yang tengah boiling tu k. 

Tapi kalau nak dibentukkan awal2 pun tak jadi masalah. Bentukkan dan rendam air panas. Nanti campur jeee kat dalam kuah santan tuh. Depends korang lah mana yang senang kan. Tapi lagi senang orang buatkan kita tinggal makan jee hehe

6. Jangan lupa pula, masukkan juga biji sagu yang telah direndam tadi tu. 

Taraaaa! Siap pun. Tapi ini namanya malas. Tengok lah ntah bentuk hape2 lah aku buat kan... Hiks

Selamat membuat semua! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

#SelamatHariRayaAidilfitri2015 #InikanRaya #RayakanSebulan #KamiSukaBeraya #OpenHouseNantiJemputlah #Hiks 

Selamat Hari rata Aidilfitri 2015, Maaf zahir dan batin everyone! This is Raya entries! Raya all the way hiho. My apologies goes out to everyone on this earth. I could do possibly wrong to you in infinite way, probably through my tweets, entries, or acts, ku pohon maaf hingga hujung nyawa ku =)

Raya Pertama

This is me with my cousins. I am in the middle one, with the white tudung. Our theme was supposed to be white tudung.. but, some of them didnt take it seriously.. haih.. both of the orange coloured kurung are my sisterss.. we went to my grandfather and mother grave (within the same graveyard) on the morning, right after that we proceed to go for my father and grandmother grave (in the same graveyard too). But since first raya was friday, we stopped visiting relatives so that the mens would go for Jumaat prayers. 

Raya Pertama Night
On night, we went to my aunt's cribs. Just to hang out with them all, nothing serious. oh btw, my kurung is from Vietnam. cost me only rm40. *senyum siring*

 Raya Kedua
You see, this is me and my anak buah (the boys). We used to hang out together alot few years ago but now we're getting apart i guess its because time and no space?? btw, my dress is from Ammara Official. I love the dress so much!

Oh in case you doesnt know, this is Salsa (Mezzmayzahra Salsabila Abarasa) my cousin's daughter. uhh she is too adorable! Love you forever Salsa!

Raya Ketiga
My dress is from Zawara. Always a turning back customer for Zawara *every year* haha. 

Visiting relatives.. my kurung is from Bandung =)

Raya Keempat
This is raya keempat as far as i can remember.. I used my previous year baju raya dan ternyata masi lagi fit. i was hoping for that i would be shrink that the baju was too big for me. Turns out to be, masi muat. okay fine. 

This is my sister. With Salsa. Look how cheeky her face and smile is!  haih