Tuesday, July 28, 2015

22 Years old, Officially

Happy birthday to me. Happy 22nd to me. and happy many returns.

Happy a step closer to death, Nabila.

Yes. That is me. the one with the white tudung. :) 
I rarely upload my picture in social media because i dont want people to know me. but since there is nobody will read my blog so there you go., that is my face, and i run this blog by myself. 

my 22nd years old doesnt do much change from 21st birthday. you can read it here 21st birthday entry

22 Years old and, 

i dont know how to drive or ride motorcycle. 
i dont wear makeups. Well basically i do light makeup on several occasions only. *sigh
i dont wear heels. Well basically i do but rarely. Like once a year HAHA
i dont have a boyfriend for almost 4 years already HAHA
not married/ engage/ have kids
still pursuing my degree in UMS Labuan International Campus 
my eyebrow is ORIGINAL okay. 
i dont wear contact lenses. I JUST DONT okay.
i dont have many friends HAHA but i have many crushes 
an orphan that lives a blissful life
need house cleaning? contact me. i am very good at house cleaning. 
still average in cooking 

Happy 22nd birthday, Nabila Aman/ Bunga Nabila/ Bella Ak**v**/ A***l* Alvarez/ Bella deTrix

May all of your dreams come true, may Allah ease your journey, may Allah grant you the best nur hidayah, may Allah gives you the best in life and hereafter. be a good daughter to mom and dad. Never forget Allah. May Allah ease your sakaratul maut. 

Live a healthy life, always shares your portion with everyone else. Sedekah selalu. Senyum selalu. Jangan sombong. Selalu mengalah, be kind to whoever it is. 

"Be the flower that still flaunt its scent even to the hand that crushes it" 

Selamat Ulang Tahun for me ;)