Friday, May 1, 2015

How to make ringtones for iPhone?

Holla baby!

Needs a little bit of makeover for your iPhone? change the tones! 
To make ringtones for iPhone, you need at first;

1. Download RMaker from AppStore. 
This is the interface of RMaker when opened. Select song that you wish to be one of your tones :)

2. Select songs that you wish to be your tones.

3. Makeover the songs. Select and cut which part of the songs as you wish. 

4. But wait, it havent finish yet. This time, you need to connect your iPhone to nearest PC or laptop that installed iTunes. You will see under Apps tab, there is a file sharing apps too. Click RMaker and the right side will come out. There is a file there-- the ringtones that you successfully create! Yeayy!

After that, you would want to click that file, and click save to somewhere else in your PC. 

5. There's more. Dont forget to drag the tones file into iTunes. If you have dragged it, then the tones will appear in the tones section. 

6. Whoops, dont forget to sync tones with your iPhone! Click tab 'Tones' and you will find the box to sync tones. Click the box and the button Sync below right side. 

7. When you successfully follow the steps above, go to settings - Sound - Ringtone to check if its there. If it is there, congrats! You have succeeded! 

The tones that you have created will appear at the above of the list. Good Luck!