Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to put songs into your i-devices!

Holla Baby!

iPhone is good, but it has too much hassle. Right? So, here it is a way you can listen to any songs in you phone.

Admit it. Either you buy songs on iTunes 
You downloaded another music player from AppStore and download the song itself. But it will consume a large amount of your iPhone. Then, how? 
If you wish to do so, i suggest Mymedia. The last time i use it was user-friendly and the graphic is easy to handle. But as you know, it will not open through iPhone official music player. 

You can still play music without the two options above. 

So here is a way you could play the songs you want through iTunes in your iPhone. 

1. Install iTunes in your computer. All computer OS versions are available to download and install iTunes perfectly. (no exceptional applied)

2. You can drag any songs you want into iTunes on your computer. 

3. Plug your i-devices into computer. Let the devices 'get used' with iTunes first. 

4. If the progress is done, click phone shaped icon (refer pictures above). And it will turns out to be just like below pictures. 

5. Click Music at the left side of the tab. 

6. Then, you will be given an option whether to sync all musics or sync only selected musics, genres, or albums. Its up to you. Make choices. 

7. You've seen the Sync tab at the down right side. Click to transfer the selected songs/all songs to your device. 

8. Wait till it finishes syncing. And tadaaaaa all the songs were in your iPhone too! Yeayyyy

These are the examples of songs that played on iTunes in your iPhone. You can go to to download songs along with their album arts, artistes, and album name. So it would seems like you actually bought the songs from the store!