Monday, March 23, 2015

There is a two sides of story, just like your face

No Doubt- Don't Speak

Hi guys,

This post is for those who are Pretentious, Fake, Two-Faced, and all the vocabulary that's similar to those words.

I cant understand how are you guys being so pretentious like all the time? You pretend to care, pretending to understand, pretending to be so good in front of people you dont like. and talk about them behind their back. I dont get it. Like how can you be so fake to them? and talk and laugh about it like you dont care but actually you care.

Please be a person. a normal person. Who straightforwardly about what you dont like, dislikes or anything. If you dont like me, then say it. I mean say it to my face. No talking done behind my back. Im not being so judgmental here but yes, at least be mature to not talk behind me. Talk to my face. If you think that is going to be a problem then the problem is yours to handle. Not me.

Baby why so insecure? I havent act anything so dont be, okay? I am truly disappointed with you guys. I think i dont have any problem so dont start any okay? Because people thats having problem with me starts to live their karma already. But its okay, im good.

I have lived some gruesome moments, through some tough moments, fall down to earth and everything. My parents had died, the crowds talk bad about me, someone spreads bad thing about me, he left while i starts to fell in love, i was rejected so bad and mores. Its okay i have live these moments and i survived excellently. and you? You guys are just a particles of dust that i would hardly notice. Ngehehe

You haven't seen the other side of me. So dark but it is so bright. Be careful. I can be soft as a mother's touch but also can be so sharp that once i hold your heart its immediately stops beating.

Here's a little advice for you;
If you want to be two faced, at least be a good one. Neither side of it are too good to be a two faced. If you think you can be so good at pretending, then major possibility you couldn't even notice who's really faking it right now.

At last, please be more mature. Learn to say i don't like you i hate you to my face. Much love

Adios Amigos, Fakers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hello guys!!!

Internet is back - depending on my broadband actually. And suddenly everyone in my home start to utilize my broadband. Aiyaa please stop i want to conserve my quota. *sad emoji* *cry emoji* *peluki emoji*

So, 24 Jan 2015 ago i went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with part of my family. My sister, brothers and my aunts. Well my sister paid for the trip. So, i'd say lets enjoy! 

We arrived HCMC by afternoon. Somewhat 3 or 4. Transit kejap dekat KLIA2. Basically our journey started from 5am as we have to catch early flight to KL first then bound to Vietnam. 

I dont have any idea about this trip actually. and then my aunt asked me, 
Beg apa kau pakai p vietnam nanti?
Haa? ohh aku nda ikut tu p vietnam. Kamu2 ja tu anty. 
Haa kau pun ikut lah. 

Then i asked my sister. 
Pura2 lagi kau sana nda tau keno. Padahal.

Luckily my aunt asked me that day, with my inactive passport i truly didnt prepared for the trip. Ngehehehe so 2 days later and i went to UTC and manage my passport. Yeay!

Thanks to AirAsia for the interesting deals, 8 of us could travel to Ho Chi Minh City, yeay! it was a transitted flight BKI- KUL KUL-Ho Chi Minh


Upon arrival, we were fetch by our tour guide, Hj Mansur. A muslim yes. Terus dia bawa pegi hotel check in. Ampai beg kejap pastu keluar. Since our hotel is near with the Ben Thanh - Pasar. hahaha so after check in, we checked the Ben Thanh. Went straight to our first shop. Jalan2 lepastu someone approach - 
"mari sini saya bawa kamu pegi kedai yang murah2. Telekung jubah baju kurung tudung rm10 saja"
He said that exact word. Not that exact but yes, he said it in bahasa. 
"ramai orang melayu datang sini kan, pandai cakap la"
he even knew what is pink belacan. *sigh 


I went to Mekong River for the second day. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I tell ya it is really awesome! They had like 4 or 5 or 6 island in the Mekong River alone (Vietnam area)! But i managed to go only 2 cause of the time. We went early as 8.30am from our hotel to My Tho city(where the jetty of Mekong River is) the pronunciation is kinda the same but the spelling is totally not correct! You know Vietnam alphabet they kinda got something on top of the alphabet, bottom of it and such... but yeah 

Went to Coconut Island and "Bee" Island. The first island we go is the Bee Island. I cant memorize the name but the island kind of got something with bees. They grow bees and honey there. We were served a drink where they mix rose tea, honey, pollen and some limes. They mix it up together and it tastes very superb! Later we were brought to some place where the Vietnamese girls will come to your table and sing a few songs (Malay songs were included too). At the same time us too was served with fresh fruits.. And they hoped for you to hand them over some tips. Hekhekhek After that, we were on journey back 'on' the Mekong River with a small boat (manual operated). 

Second island is the Coconut Island, where they process coconut candies and ice creams. And they offered us a Horse car ride? Ngehehehe but the second island was short so we go home fast. 

Haji Mansur brought us to lunch to some restaurant in My Tho city, just beside a mosque. Where it is convenient for us muslim to have lunch then pray. 

As for the evening, we went to the Pasar Malam lagi. Ha ha ha.


We went to ChuChi Tunnel for the day. Spent half of the day there. Looking back at the Vietnam forts, tunnels, places and so on. It was fun though, although i was very sleepy at that time. I was able to go through the underground tunnel *oh yeah* but it was a short one because if you really want to go through it then you are going to bring oxygen tank with you. I almost got out of breath because it was a tiny tunnel and dark and so hard to walk. You have to bow down to earth then you'll be able to walk through it. 

They prepared some Ubi Manis for us to eat and rose tea to drink. Quite delish! They also offered a real guns and bullet for the travellers to shoot but of course you have to pay for each of the bullet *haha* Spent 40mins to walk through all the remainings site but it was indeed fun. 

Then our lunches is somewhere i dont quite sure. But all i know it is a Muslim restaurant that built besides mosque. And behind the restaurant there is this residences heheh..

The tour guide even brought us to Viet's China Town. IT IS HELL PACKED. Crowds everywhere. Nice place but too many people there so we decided to just go back. Concerning on all of us conditions heh

We even went to the Pasar Malam once again for fun. since it is the only place that can make us jalan2 heheh


Nothing did really happen today cause we were walking around. Didnt hire the tour guide for this day cause it is the day for all of us to discover everything around us. We went to myriad of places, sites and of course, posting the post card all the way from Vietnam! Went to many many shops. And there is this shop, Kedai kain. where is provides you the nicest fabrics, materials, prints and clothes! It even serves you the tailoring services! 
Jubah MYR100
Baju Kurung MYR110
Vietnam Traditional Dress MYR120

and of course, i took the pink viet silk for my baju kurung and pink sakura prints for my jubah. aherherher Much thanks to my sis untuk belanja baju juga! :* and it offers you to send to your hotel at night and yes.. we received it at night too. 

Checkout day. Yes the returning to home day. Umm, kinda sad because we need to catch our early flight at 10am. Hmm, much rush to airport cause afraid of traffic jam so yes.. and fly to KUL then BKI

Our vehicle trip 

Imagine this is all in your sight *banyaknya kain*

Aunts discovering KLIA2

Viet's drinks

Rose tea+pollen+lime+raw honey


Mekong River

Underground passage

Chu Chi tunnel Map

One of the shops in China Town

Chu Chi Tickets

Fresh fruits

Coconut drink

Chu Chi Tunnel

Thank you everyone that's non officially helped to make the most memorable moment in Ho Chi Minh that day. Haji Mansor, The Shop boy that tries to get my whatsapp, the Malaysian boy who keeps staring at me at the Aiport, the boy in green whilst in Chu Chi Tunnel, the lady who stares at KLIA2 and the FA of Airasia, the Malaysian who seated at my back for Ho Chi Minh-> KUL.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Much love <3 p="">