Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello guys,

Im in my home. Sitting at the dining table, i think its mahogany. Umm well, few more days till im back to what i engaged to do until half of 2016. MY STUDY *sigh emoji*

i think i will be back on 23 Feb. Hmmm, havent met half of my packs. Fadhliah, Azreena, Santo and all them. I dont miss them actually but i really want to know whats up with them now. I can see that Azreena have gotten a soon-to-be Doctor Boyfriend, and Fadhliah were forced up to repeat a subject whilst her last sem results were magnificent(stupid UNITAR system) and Santo.... rambut makin kembang? Hahaaa

I hate my home's wifi. Its ridiculous. I know we are late on payments but please make the connections at least faster and stronger! ini kejap ada kejap teda and then its now gone! The internet line is not there. Fuk tm. And my broadband? huh, my broadband only 4g per month. I FUKING USE 4GB IN A WEEK. yeah thats my usual. and now they tell me to use 4GB in a month? No fuking way.

Life routine? No i dont have a life routine. Waking at my sun over my head -which is past 12pm hehehe and sleep after subuh which is after 5am. Its hard to get out these days. I need car, i wont use the public transportation unless i had to. I'd rather not to go out and stay at home boring than needing to go to the town. I am in need of a car. Care to buy me one? hmmm. The only thing is i dont know how to drive. Yep im 21 and still dont know how to drive. I dont plan to learn to. Because its scary to be on the road. Yet nana told me, 'you're so gonna excellent in driving that you might be a F1 racers. Yeah i think so too. hmm.

Last week, or last last week, i went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Love the city! its totally me! especially the kain parts. Love it. But i'll talk about that in later entries cause my internet wont let me upload photo. Jeles lettew-typical malay.

Since the holiday started, i think i lost RM1k in my bank account. *sigh* what else i bought? wait let me list here
2 set of VS fragrances - 200rm
Buku terfaktab- 120rm
movies-rm50 (jupiter ascending, blackhat)
food (beyond veggie, secret recipe, upperstar, mcd, kfc, pasar malam) i dont know how much i spent
watsons (rm50)
and yet i havent bought my ipad. I plan to buy ipad actually using the cash inheritance from my late father's money but umm. I have finished 1k and still no ipad? Apa ni bella? Bagus nda payah beli lah ipad. Tunggu orang belikan ja lah. hmm

What else? hmmm i seriously want to be slim again. yeah. I often complain my weight but i literally do nothing about it. well yeah, harap dapat kurus sebelum balik Labuan. Sikit pun jadilah.

Adios Amigos. Goodbye for now. Hikss