Sunday, January 11, 2015

My asylum 2015

Happy 2015!

Though its a little bit late for me to say it, well i insist on saying it. hehe

Its already dawn in here. I tried to study Financial Economic but nothing seems to get into my head. My housemates are all sleeping krohh krohh and here i am typing as it goes on. Jay Chou's sad songs are on my playlist right now because that what i feel right now. I just had Nasi goreng made by Nana an hour ago so i guess i cant fall asleep since i already have my afternoon nap and a slight nap yesterday's night. Moreover im going to do laundry today! yay!

Few days back i often felt a little awkward with my own housemates. I dont know why i feel like i am being alienated. They went out without telling me asking me and they even ask their friends out like something happens when im not here. Oh yeah i am well informed that they would be still talking about me even im here or not. People.. who can change crowds.. right?

As i grew up i am more expert in seeing which is right and which is bad. I also started to see which is good people that does bad things and bad people that does good things. And which people that defend you behind your back and people that will talk about you behind your back. They never defend me in my presence or not. Well yeah i said i am such introvert if not for cooking purposes back in semester 1 i bet i would not be friend with them up until now.

We are still having our final exams week now and as usual our course is always the last man standing. I would go back on the last day of exams- i mean its tomorrow since my last paper is the last day of exam- its afternoon. *sigh. Other students are already reach their home and here i am still waiting for my paper. 3 papers left, econometric, financial economics and mandarin. I can pull off mandarin but these 2 papers i just cant especially Econometric. I DONT KNOW A SINGLE THING ABOUT ECONOMETRIC. Allah please!

I have lost my mood to study so in results are these: irrelevant tweets, publishing random entries and time consuming instagram scrolling. Next paper is in Tuesday mornings, Thursday and friday afternoon. Very not kool man.

These few weeks there is always something that brought down my motivation. Im down for real. Too much stuff happens.. Id rather idle thinking somewhat stuff that takes away my hours of study and proceed to cry. But i have not cry in front of my housemates (just Zity and Fadhliah alone). I always cry to sleep so that they will never notice that i am actually crying. The things that happens like this always made me think, which one is my real friends? Because they never notice that im wearing masks. They were deceived by my smiles and happy faces. *frown emoji*

By any way i am really grateful that i had such friends (Zity and Fadhliah). They brings out the best in me, rise me up and takes me away from all the negative things. Even i am seem forceful to Zity sometime but she is my best friend muahahah. They really knows whats up and total understanding to me. kalau saya ada duit kan saya bagi hadiah kamu ferari oh satu biji satu orang. kekeke. I look forward to step out with them girls and to be succeed in everything we touch. hikss

There is this some guy that i have been ....  (fill in the suitable words). He has everything i searched for in a man and he successfully made me think that we could last together till the end but in the end.. he left. He left without a reason, a valid reason. It hurts everytime i think about it. Dont tell me that i am not moving on heyy i moved on okay its just that what he did is very unforgivable and cant be accepted as a normal person. oh well i hope a prosperous year for him-- typical broken hearted people words. No i hope he is regretting that he is leaving me out of nowhere and cant find any best girl ever than me. I hope i can see you one day with your ugly girlfriend oh yeah i hope that you are going to find an uglier girlfriend than me *true happiness*. YASSSS THATS WHAT I SHOULD WISHED FOR!

Since study week up until now (3 weeks ago) my life cycle is ... unbearable? I didnt know which is morning, afternoon, night and dawn. We stayed up until morning and sleep and wake to evening already. I didnt know which one is my lunch, my dinner and my breakfast. Its been a long time we havent seen sunlight i guess... ? Thats why i izz cannot wait to go home and have my normal life cycle back. and also i miss Beyond Veggie's food. Beyond Veggie, wait for me ah! saya borong semua makanan kau nanti! Ihikss..

Hey do you guys know the show 'The Return of Superman' haha. At last i watch korean show ok. It was so cuteee!! arghh If you do know you mustve known above pictures right? That was the triplets, sons to a celebrity in Korea. The show consist of a few families with their toddlers and the triplets somehow got into the show. So cute! Paling comel ok dorang! haihh at some point i wish i had triplet but after some thought like nooo twins at least. The middle one is the most cute i think, he has a very attractive personality. hiksss

Last entry was on September 2014 i guess and HAHA well at least i update lah. Surely there is alot of people thinking that i probably forgetting my blog password or that i am interest-less with blogging already --perasan kejap. hmmm well my google account is linked to my blogging account that always signed in laptop. Buka buka ja trus dashboard blog.

Ok people time for me to tiden up my study table (meja makan hahahaa) and pegi laundry. Mau subuh sudah ni *padahal baru pukul 4* ngehehe.

Happy prosperous 2015 everyone! -- except for that one man that ive included in the above paragraph pfftt