Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Before 2016

Hello Everyone!!

Ne Yo- So Sick 

We are almost end of 2016 brahhh!!! and um.. 1 semester left for me :) 

Remember that day i wass soooo messed up? because i did wrong in my FRM assignment. I had all kind of bad thought on my mind. that of course i would be scolded by lecturers, that i would have a bad carry mark, that i would have various comments from my classmates because initially Miss Aqilah want the presentation to be held in a class. Full with my friends, classmates and other lecturers as well! *cries* 

and theeeennnn... 

Madam Zainab and Sir Shariff were there too. Lagilah nangis kuat2. ummm.. I am soooo depressed but yeah, it cant be that bad kan. So, main langgar saja lah! turns out it was nice. though i nearly cried in the first place but, alhamdulilah. cant say more anymore. Cukup pada haritu what was happen and kami kena puji :) 

One more thing, my laptop masuk clinic. I was updating that day and then i let it update overnight lah kan. tuptup, besok pagi mau sambung tengok Harry Potter trus jadi macamni suda. 

At first im okay with it. Maybe if i cari tutorial online on how to fix that kind of problem, it'll be okay. Theeeeen, i found no answer. Ada pun inapplicable. Cannot selamat suda. Everyone i refer to dorang cakap, senang cerita format lah. Choiii format apa bendanya, banyak kot barang dalam tuh. Video gila2, gambar holiday and gambar Beby Salsa dari day 1 sampai sekarang ni. Sayang pula mau format macam tuh ja. So i decided lepas presentation (because my presentation was in the morning, 8am) bawa laptop ni balik. Hiuhiuhiu

So, bila sampai kk pulaaaa... Yes. My laptop sure needs a recovery. Hardisk i rosak :( Then i told yang pekerja tuh to replace hardisk. Kira macam beli external baru lah kan. Tapiiiii in my mind habislah my stuffssss my pictures my videos my journals my files and everything. Apakan daya. halal ja lah semua tuh :(

Major apology to Sandralyn because gambar beby salsa since day 1 till now lost macam tu aje. So sorry :( i tak kisah kalo gmbar  i yang hilang, but now its orang lain punya gambar. Sedih mak mcam ni hurmmmm :(

Anyway, its exam fever now. But then, i dont feel any fever hahaha baik exam mahupun demam. Because the only timing i demam is time macam ni lah. Either hujung or awal tahun. But now, i dont feel anything. Hmm its exam week and yet i tak rasa nak study hard pun :( kenapa macam niiiii oh please at least i dont want my results to have C or B-. Cukup sakit lah tuh yea dapat B-. Harap2 my result range A --> B. Wihihihihi. Even aku nda study hard harap dapat result yang gempak and CGPA is maintained. Jyeahh!!

-------2015 in a Nutshell------

hmm.. what have i accomplished in 2015 yeah? Umm, we'll start month by month yea: 

To Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam --Checked!
To Bandung & Jakarta, Indonesia --Checked!
To Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei --Checked!
CGPA increase --Checked!
LOST WEIGHT --Checked!
Have a new pair of Birks --Checked!
Ex boyfriends made a comeback --Checked!
Single for the whole year --Checked! 

Hahahaha. All that checklist seems to be so.. childish kan? Yalah, im still studying apa kan. But its okay. My wishlist in 2016 is going to be matured i think. Wihihihi.. Oh yeah, that last checklist was so *emoji ketawa keluar airmata* and yeah, he did came back for me. Oh boy, i told ya that i will be the last best girl you ever got kan? Hihihihi. So late lah you, lain lah you came back with Porsche, 20k in bank accounts, and a nice penthouse then for sure lah i am marrying you! ahah joking. 

Anyway, please doakan saya lebih matang pada tahun depan, lebih berdikari, lebih cantik, lebih comel, lebih manja dan lebih manis di pandang. Dan, tolong doakan saya ada boyfriend suda k. Wihihihi 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick update

Hello everyone..

Just to keep you guys update, hihii

Adam is too cute you know, haih lah.. he thinks that aku merajuk sama dia, and yet he's looking for me with Zul.. haha zul told me all this, and i dont know why. hmm but then, he's cute anyway *senyum siring*

Oh yah, please wish me luck cause i need to present my research *sigh* in front of my whole class duhh. And yet i realize that i did some mistakes in my project paper. How ah? i apply time series in my project paper.. and there was a some misunderstanding during the procedure.. and yet the results are so....... confusing. this and that have some negative relationship while they are supposed to be positive. and vice versa. me not understand. i hope that when i present it in front of the class and lecturers as well, they would not ask me a single question. Amiiiin.

and um.. what else?

Oh ya. i dont know why i feel so lazy these days. uhhh. Its week 10 already Bella i need to focus on my final already but here i am dont know what do revise to do updating my blog playing the games on my ipad and.. i bet im gonna watch movies after this. Allah please help me.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Waiting to be erased

Assalamualaikum, Hello guys!

Im in my semester 5 already! Hikhik.

International Financial Risk Management
Advanced Econometric
International Economic Instituitions
International Investment
International Macroeconomy
Business Communication

So, all of the above was my subject for this sem, and follow the level of toughness accordingly. I just hope that my CGPA this semester will rise, Insya Allah, Amin.

This semester, i got a new house, new roomate, new housemate. Hiksss My housemates are OK but... She always complaint about me being noisy in home sometimes....... and she just tweeted it. Like, hello if i am disturbing your peacefulness life *smirk* then you shouldnt brag it in social media you know. You shouldve just tell me in front of my face, huhu. Like, whats the problem? Bilang gengster. But she was nice though, she looks all sweet and i like her lips, natural color.. which is red. Hmm.

And and and, of course! i lost 3 kg! Which made my day so much. only now, we are focusing on the #49kgbefore2016 . That is new our new motto. Datin Sri, Puan Sri & Datin Sri Tun. =) -- my new close friends.

Assignment? Haha, assignment keep hold on saja. No kena kacau2 pun. :( ... how lah to achieve 4 nih? Oh ya, that day for Risk subject, we were told to do a conceptual paper on Hire Purchase Rescheduling: Does it benefit the consumer? We were sooo kacau that we didnt know how to do it *since it was our first time writing a conceptual paper huhu* so we just hantam saja lah kan.. And that day, Miss Aqilah (our lecturer for Risk) said that there is this one group doing their best writing conceptual paper that she thinking of publishing it (sending it to the journals -Elsevier, Emerald or somewhere else lah kan). Annndd i got this feeling that i might be our group. Teehee.. Reason?well at first she said that the group wasnt from 3.5 students which is clearly not us HAHA. And, i think we are the only one group that writes about a scenario. HMMM.. Yeah, i hope so its us. Hiks. And if its me, i'll update here!

Ok, whats next? The reason is them talking about their each other's back *HAHA* . See? that is why i wasnt in yo guys circles anymo. and im glad you guys kicked me out slowly. But um, you no need kick out lah okay? i walk my way alone. A talks about B, when B would talk about C to A, and then tells it again to D, then D goes again to A. *pening*. See, this is why i dont like to have many friends, either it kills you or you kill yourself. Too much drama, and i dont deal with drama that good. Often leads to battle. Hiks. Anyway, im glad im not in yo wasap group and yeah, goodbye to this so fake friendship. I dont need you guys anymo.

Ok, then theres this again. My crush since 2013. I talked about him in the previous previous entry. I stopped stalking him last 2 months. I need to move on. And, he's got a new girlfriend already. :( And that kinda makes me sad.. How many of your gf come and go and i was there for you. How come you did not notice me? Stupid guy! Now, i will move on from being the same signboard in the same place for years. I would go away now. Goodbye crush :') Nanti clash jangan datang balik ah.

There's this guy, in my campus. He is sweet and all charms. -Through instagram ja lah. We were close before and now it feel like he's distancing himself from me. I dont meant to feel all those things, we talked much like almost everyday every part of the day... but now, we're not even having conversation.. only twitter mentions and such. *sigh* and he would looking at my profiles everytimes and favs all the things i retweet last week or what i tweeted. But now? Its nothing. He's currently flirting with some girls in campus. I just hope he's happy with his decision. You almost got me there, but yeah. You prefer plastics rather than diamonds, kan? Harap kau nda menyesal lah lepas ni.

I really want to move on right now. I need to focus on myself, my family and my future. With the world's economy uncertainty, there is alot of things that i need to focus right now. I want to fulfill my dreams, so now i shall look into only my life. and CGPA too. HAHAHA.

Hmm what else ah?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Till we meet again


This entry is for, someone that has occupied my heart. Still, from the last two year. :)

I heard that you are going back tomorrow. And for sure, we dont get to meet for the last time around. And thats kinda makes me sad. So, this is pile of things that i want to say to you. But i was ashamed of.

I love you. I dont have any particular reason of why i should fall for you.. but i just do. I love the idea of you, and oh man i just love who you are.

You have major respect for women, you are effortlessly sexy, though you are not that good with english communication especially grammar but you are just.. lovable. you prioritise your family and friends, and everything suits you.

I still dont know whether to regret or cherish my decision when i decided to follow you in twitter. Sometime i thought that i shouldnt have, but some time i thought i should. And some time i just want to approve your friend request in Facebook but nah, i decided not to. And still, i dont want us to be friends in facebook. Twitter is enough i think.

We've hung out 4 times this time. First date would be us watching Terminator in MBO Imago KK together, and a quick meal at Burger King right next to Upperstar. Second date would be watching AntMan in GSC Suria, and had a loooong night with you. We stayed for an hour or two in McD Api2 and later on went searching for Naan cheese. We ended up on somewhere with Roti Tisu and all. Third date was you introduce me to your friend, Bread. HAHA he was quite funny and talkative, which suits me  the most because i dont talk a lot. Then you guys sings for me, treat me mamaks food. The last meetup was when i supposedly meet your friend, but you ended up there too. And it happened so fast that i can see you guys walk away leaving us (me&my cousin).

I have a lot of to say to you, but i cant. Perhaps you thought we are just normal friends. But.. its more than that. I hope you could understand that my hints. It was for you.

I look forward to see you again. Have a safe flight and a smooth landing. Have a safe journey and happy reaching there, again. Study smart and dont flirt ok. Im gonna miss you, MAR.

Yours always.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Minyak Kelapa untuk Rambut

Hello everyone! So, i feel like i should share some of the tips for Minyak Rambut Kelapa. Well, bukannya susah pun.. senang jer, gerenti senang!


Kelapa tua parut (yang baru)
Kayu Manis


1. Keluarkan segala santan daripada kelapa tua parut ituuu.. Pastikan PEKAT ya. Normally setiap biji kelapa akan hasilkan 4 gelas santan. Pastikan pekat ok.

2. Masak santan dalam kuali pada api yang sederhana.

3. Biarkan dan kacau hanya bila perlu.

4. This is going to take so looong. Eventually, santan tuh akan bertukar colour.

4. Bila santan berubah warna kuning, letak kan kayu manis. KAYU MANIS Original okay. Jangan letak yang serbuk punya. This will make it very wangi instead of bau kelapa on your head.

5. Keep stirring.

6. At last, bila santan telah berubah warna coklat ataupun minyak kelapa itu telah berhasil! Tahniah boo!

Selamat mencuba guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Resepi: Bubur Tepung Pulut

Hey gais. Its been a long time since i post an entry about food. I believe this is a simple recipe for those beginners yang macam ai ni untuk buat kan.. Acah2 motherly pula main masak2 bubur ni tau.. hiks

So, Bubur tepung pulut. Here we go. Ini sukatan resipi untuk sekeluarga makan tau. Kalau makan sendiri, kurang2 kan lah sedikit yah.

Bahan-bahan diperlukan;

1 pkt tepung pulut
Santan biji kelapa
Gula pasir
Biji sagu
Beberapa pewarna makanan (sukahati colour apa ya)


1. Asingkan biji sagu dan rendam.

2. Campurkan tepung pulut dan sedikit air. Gaul hingga sebati. Jangan terlalu cair ya, yang sedang2 saja. hehe

3. Bahagikan portion yang sama rata untuk setiap pewarna. Setiap bekas satu. Contoh gambar dekat bawah ni ha. Gaulkan lagi setiap portion untuk setiap warna okay sampailah warnanya cun melecun. Awww

4. Panaskan santan yang telah diperah tadi. Pada api yang slow yaa. Selepas beberapa minit, tuangkan gula pasir pada kuantiti yang diinginkan. Tak nak banyak2 lah kaaan sikit2 dah lah asalkan rasa manis tuu dahlahh (still pada api yang low ya)

5.  Pada masa ni, boleh lah panggil jiran sebelah kampung sekali untuk join pembentukan tepung pulut warna warni tadi. Boleh buat bentuk macam sukahati korang lah okay. Bulat boleh, empat segi boleh, tiga segi puuun boleh! Bentukkan dan masuk terus kat dalam santan yang tengah boiling tu k. 

Tapi kalau nak dibentukkan awal2 pun tak jadi masalah. Bentukkan dan rendam air panas. Nanti campur jeee kat dalam kuah santan tuh. Depends korang lah mana yang senang kan. Tapi lagi senang orang buatkan kita tinggal makan jee hehe

6. Jangan lupa pula, masukkan juga biji sagu yang telah direndam tadi tu. 

Taraaaa! Siap pun. Tapi ini namanya malas. Tengok lah ntah bentuk hape2 lah aku buat kan... Hiks

Selamat membuat semua! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

#SelamatHariRayaAidilfitri2015 #InikanRaya #RayakanSebulan #KamiSukaBeraya #OpenHouseNantiJemputlah #Hiks 

Selamat Hari rata Aidilfitri 2015, Maaf zahir dan batin everyone! This is Raya entries! Raya all the way hiho. My apologies goes out to everyone on this earth. I could do possibly wrong to you in infinite way, probably through my tweets, entries, or acts, ku pohon maaf hingga hujung nyawa ku =)

Raya Pertama

This is me with my cousins. I am in the middle one, with the white tudung. Our theme was supposed to be white tudung.. but, some of them didnt take it seriously.. haih.. both of the orange coloured kurung are my sisterss.. we went to my grandfather and mother grave (within the same graveyard) on the morning, right after that we proceed to go for my father and grandmother grave (in the same graveyard too). But since first raya was friday, we stopped visiting relatives so that the mens would go for Jumaat prayers. 

Raya Pertama Night
On night, we went to my aunt's cribs. Just to hang out with them all, nothing serious. oh btw, my kurung is from Vietnam. cost me only rm40. *senyum siring*

 Raya Kedua
You see, this is me and my anak buah (the boys). We used to hang out together alot few years ago but now we're getting apart i guess its because time and no space?? btw, my dress is from Ammara Official. I love the dress so much!

Oh in case you doesnt know, this is Salsa (Mezzmayzahra Salsabila Abarasa) my cousin's daughter. uhh she is too adorable! Love you forever Salsa!

Raya Ketiga
My dress is from Zawara. Always a turning back customer for Zawara *every year* haha. 

Visiting relatives.. my kurung is from Bandung =)

Raya Keempat
This is raya keempat as far as i can remember.. I used my previous year baju raya dan ternyata masi lagi fit. i was hoping for that i would be shrink that the baju was too big for me. Turns out to be, masi muat. okay fine. 

This is my sister. With Salsa. Look how cheeky her face and smile is!  haih

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

22 Years old, Officially

Happy birthday to me. Happy 22nd to me. and happy many returns.

Happy a step closer to death, Nabila.

Yes. That is me. the one with the white tudung. :) 
I rarely upload my picture in social media because i dont want people to know me. but since there is nobody will read my blog so there you go., that is my face, and i run this blog by myself. 

my 22nd years old doesnt do much change from 21st birthday. you can read it here 21st birthday entry

22 Years old and, 

i dont know how to drive or ride motorcycle. 
i dont wear makeups. Well basically i do light makeup on several occasions only. *sigh
i dont wear heels. Well basically i do but rarely. Like once a year HAHA
i dont have a boyfriend for almost 4 years already HAHA
not married/ engage/ have kids
still pursuing my degree in UMS Labuan International Campus 
my eyebrow is ORIGINAL okay. 
i dont wear contact lenses. I JUST DONT okay.
i dont have many friends HAHA but i have many crushes 
an orphan that lives a blissful life
need house cleaning? contact me. i am very good at house cleaning. 
still average in cooking 

Happy 22nd birthday, Nabila Aman/ Bunga Nabila/ Bella Ak**v**/ A***l* Alvarez/ Bella deTrix

May all of your dreams come true, may Allah ease your journey, may Allah grant you the best nur hidayah, may Allah gives you the best in life and hereafter. be a good daughter to mom and dad. Never forget Allah. May Allah ease your sakaratul maut. 

Live a healthy life, always shares your portion with everyone else. Sedekah selalu. Senyum selalu. Jangan sombong. Selalu mengalah, be kind to whoever it is. 

"Be the flower that still flaunt its scent even to the hand that crushes it" 

Selamat Ulang Tahun for me ;) 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Confession Z

Hello everyone.

I am one of JulyBabies. my birthdate is near so... i have a confessions to make.

I am an orphan. I do not have mother since i was eleven years old, and i lost my father when i was 18 years old. Yeah, i lost both parents when i needed them the most. I am proud of my parents. My mother was a kadazan dusun and my father was a bajau. :)

Looking into it, there is not plenty of memories i can recall with my mother. and im kinda regret it. i didnt get enough time to cherish her, to appreciate her. And things got worse when she left, that our welfare are often ignored. I know my father works hard for us, and tried to give us (me and my 9 years old brother) enough attention. but, i guess times arent a friend after all. My father was assigned to outstation works in peninsular, around sabah... But its okay Dad, we did fine.

Now, im living with my first sister (she havent marry yet), and my little brother. My second sister got married and she lived with her husband, just down a couple of street. I lived in flat (ugly) that has 3 bedroom with 1 bathroom.

People often asks me, How do you do? Are you okay? if you need help im just a phone call away. so how was life treating you? you still live in the same flat?

but what do i hear?

How is life treating you after they took your parents away from you? are you financially stable now? what did you do for that gopro and pink iphone 6?

But some do asks me straight

How do you look so financially stable since you lost both parents already?

Things got so puzzled for them when i further my studies in local university. I dont apply for the study loan. yet i dont even receive any scholarships from any institutions. i dont even apply for the financial aid in my campus. no i dont.

Yeah. I might lived in a ugly cracking flat, i dont even have parents, but one thing for sure, they taught me how to live independently. Some of my friends even think that i have sugardaddy or what similar terms you call to buy me all the stuff i own now. And thats why i hated to make friends with people.

Rules NO 2; Do not underestimate people.

I might look sad, but oh look! i have several commas in my bank account! and this house is already under my name. and i got a business license too. oh and this permit was under my name too.

and yes, i got it from my father.

You wanna know what is rule no 1?
Do not trust people.

I get asked, like a lot of times already.
Jadi siapalah masak di rumah kamu tu?
siapa2 ja yang ada di rumah kamu?
kakak kau kerja apa?

but im okay. im fine. it is such a life test and i get through it very tough.

The lesson is, never ever underestimate people. You are not an observer to judge and please dont stereotype that soon. You just make a will for them. I dont have parents, and that is so okay with me. I moved on already. Its not good if you sad for a long period of time for the deaths of somebody. and dont ever sympathized me, im not that type of person who liked being sympathized. well if you are going to give me 500million then its okay with me. until then, do not even judge me. You guys dont know my life then what gives you the privileges to say about it? i know, you guys liked to wonders and guess about my life, right? well go on. its fun that way. Its awesome that way.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to print screen on Mac?

Holla baby!

As we can see in Windows, there is such thing as Print Screen button or program called "SnipTool". But when it comes to Mac, there is no such thing. So if you intended to Print Screen a webpage, a file or something else, you wont have to switch to Windows or what just to Print Screen.

There are 3 method known to Screen Capture on Mac OSX

1. The overall screen capture

  • Press Apple key(command) + Shift + 3 at the same time
  • You will find the picture stored in your desktop 
2. The selected portion screen capture
  • Press Apple key(command) + Shift + 4 at the same time
  • The cursor will transform to +
  • Drag around the corner that you wish to capture and release
  • The captured photo again will be stored on your desktop
3. The Windows capture
  • Press Apple key(command) + Shift + 4 at the same time
  • The cursor will change to +
  • Press the spacebar
  • The cursor again will change to Camera
  • Click on any window that you wished to capture
  • Again, you will find the photo stored in your desktop 

Friday, May 1, 2015

How to make ringtones for iPhone?

Holla baby!

Needs a little bit of makeover for your iPhone? change the tones! 
To make ringtones for iPhone, you need at first;

1. Download RMaker from AppStore. 
This is the interface of RMaker when opened. Select song that you wish to be one of your tones :)

2. Select songs that you wish to be your tones.

3. Makeover the songs. Select and cut which part of the songs as you wish. 

4. But wait, it havent finish yet. This time, you need to connect your iPhone to nearest PC or laptop that installed iTunes. You will see under Apps tab, there is a file sharing apps too. Click RMaker and the right side will come out. There is a file there-- the ringtones that you successfully create! Yeayy!

After that, you would want to click that file, and click save to somewhere else in your PC. 

5. There's more. Dont forget to drag the tones file into iTunes. If you have dragged it, then the tones will appear in the tones section. 

6. Whoops, dont forget to sync tones with your iPhone! Click tab 'Tones' and you will find the box to sync tones. Click the box and the button Sync below right side. 

7. When you successfully follow the steps above, go to settings - Sound - Ringtone to check if its there. If it is there, congrats! You have succeeded! 

The tones that you have created will appear at the above of the list. Good Luck! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to put songs into your i-devices!

Holla Baby!

iPhone is good, but it has too much hassle. Right? So, here it is a way you can listen to any songs in you phone.

Admit it. Either you buy songs on iTunes 
You downloaded another music player from AppStore and download the song itself. But it will consume a large amount of your iPhone. Then, how? 
If you wish to do so, i suggest Mymedia. The last time i use it was user-friendly and the graphic is easy to handle. But as you know, it will not open through iPhone official music player. 

You can still play music without the two options above. 

So here is a way you could play the songs you want through iTunes in your iPhone. 

1. Install iTunes in your computer. All computer OS versions are available to download and install iTunes perfectly. (no exceptional applied)

2. You can drag any songs you want into iTunes on your computer. 

3. Plug your i-devices into computer. Let the devices 'get used' with iTunes first. 

4. If the progress is done, click phone shaped icon (refer pictures above). And it will turns out to be just like below pictures. 

5. Click Music at the left side of the tab. 

6. Then, you will be given an option whether to sync all musics or sync only selected musics, genres, or albums. Its up to you. Make choices. 

7. You've seen the Sync tab at the down right side. Click to transfer the selected songs/all songs to your device. 

8. Wait till it finishes syncing. And tadaaaaa all the songs were in your iPhone too! Yeayyyy

These are the examples of songs that played on iTunes in your iPhone. You can go to freemp3.se to download songs along with their album arts, artistes, and album name. So it would seems like you actually bought the songs from the store!

Monday, March 23, 2015

There is a two sides of story, just like your face

No Doubt- Don't Speak

Hi guys,

This post is for those who are Pretentious, Fake, Two-Faced, and all the vocabulary that's similar to those words.

I cant understand how are you guys being so pretentious like all the time? You pretend to care, pretending to understand, pretending to be so good in front of people you dont like. and talk about them behind their back. I dont get it. Like how can you be so fake to them? and talk and laugh about it like you dont care but actually you care.

Please be a person. a normal person. Who straightforwardly about what you dont like, dislikes or anything. If you dont like me, then say it. I mean say it to my face. No talking done behind my back. Im not being so judgmental here but yes, at least be mature to not talk behind me. Talk to my face. If you think that is going to be a problem then the problem is yours to handle. Not me.

Baby why so insecure? I havent act anything so dont be, okay? I am truly disappointed with you guys. I think i dont have any problem so dont start any okay? Because people thats having problem with me starts to live their karma already. But its okay, im good.

I have lived some gruesome moments, through some tough moments, fall down to earth and everything. My parents had died, the crowds talk bad about me, someone spreads bad thing about me, he left while i starts to fell in love, i was rejected so bad and mores. Its okay i have live these moments and i survived excellently. and you? You guys are just a particles of dust that i would hardly notice. Ngehehe

You haven't seen the other side of me. So dark but it is so bright. Be careful. I can be soft as a mother's touch but also can be so sharp that once i hold your heart its immediately stops beating.

Here's a little advice for you;
If you want to be two faced, at least be a good one. Neither side of it are too good to be a two faced. If you think you can be so good at pretending, then major possibility you couldn't even notice who's really faking it right now.

At last, please be more mature. Learn to say i don't like you i hate you to my face. Much love

Adios Amigos, Fakers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hello guys!!!

Internet is back - depending on my broadband actually. And suddenly everyone in my home start to utilize my broadband. Aiyaa please stop i want to conserve my quota. *sad emoji* *cry emoji* *peluki emoji*

So, 24 Jan 2015 ago i went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with part of my family. My sister, brothers and my aunts. Well my sister paid for the trip. So, i'd say lets enjoy! 

We arrived HCMC by afternoon. Somewhat 3 or 4. Transit kejap dekat KLIA2. Basically our journey started from 5am as we have to catch early flight to KL first then bound to Vietnam. 

I dont have any idea about this trip actually. and then my aunt asked me, 
Beg apa kau pakai p vietnam nanti?
Haa? ohh aku nda ikut tu p vietnam. Kamu2 ja tu anty. 
Haa kau pun ikut lah. 

Then i asked my sister. 
Pura2 lagi kau sana nda tau keno. Padahal.

Luckily my aunt asked me that day, with my inactive passport i truly didnt prepared for the trip. Ngehehehe so 2 days later and i went to UTC and manage my passport. Yeay!

Thanks to AirAsia for the interesting deals, 8 of us could travel to Ho Chi Minh City, yeay! it was a transitted flight BKI- KUL KUL-Ho Chi Minh


Upon arrival, we were fetch by our tour guide, Hj Mansur. A muslim yes. Terus dia bawa pegi hotel check in. Ampai beg kejap pastu keluar. Since our hotel is near with the Ben Thanh - Pasar. hahaha so after check in, we checked the Ben Thanh. Went straight to our first shop. Jalan2 lepastu someone approach - 
"mari sini saya bawa kamu pegi kedai yang murah2. Telekung jubah baju kurung tudung rm10 saja"
He said that exact word. Not that exact but yes, he said it in bahasa. 
"ramai orang melayu datang sini kan, pandai cakap la"
he even knew what is pink belacan. *sigh 


I went to Mekong River for the second day. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I tell ya it is really awesome! They had like 4 or 5 or 6 island in the Mekong River alone (Vietnam area)! But i managed to go only 2 cause of the time. We went early as 8.30am from our hotel to My Tho city(where the jetty of Mekong River is) the pronunciation is kinda the same but the spelling is totally not correct! You know Vietnam alphabet they kinda got something on top of the alphabet, bottom of it and such... but yeah 

Went to Coconut Island and "Bee" Island. The first island we go is the Bee Island. I cant memorize the name but the island kind of got something with bees. They grow bees and honey there. We were served a drink where they mix rose tea, honey, pollen and some limes. They mix it up together and it tastes very superb! Later we were brought to some place where the Vietnamese girls will come to your table and sing a few songs (Malay songs were included too). At the same time us too was served with fresh fruits.. And they hoped for you to hand them over some tips. Hekhekhek After that, we were on journey back 'on' the Mekong River with a small boat (manual operated). 

Second island is the Coconut Island, where they process coconut candies and ice creams. And they offered us a Horse car ride? Ngehehehe but the second island was short so we go home fast. 

Haji Mansur brought us to lunch to some restaurant in My Tho city, just beside a mosque. Where it is convenient for us muslim to have lunch then pray. 

As for the evening, we went to the Pasar Malam lagi. Ha ha ha.


We went to ChuChi Tunnel for the day. Spent half of the day there. Looking back at the Vietnam forts, tunnels, places and so on. It was fun though, although i was very sleepy at that time. I was able to go through the underground tunnel *oh yeah* but it was a short one because if you really want to go through it then you are going to bring oxygen tank with you. I almost got out of breath because it was a tiny tunnel and dark and so hard to walk. You have to bow down to earth then you'll be able to walk through it. 

They prepared some Ubi Manis for us to eat and rose tea to drink. Quite delish! They also offered a real guns and bullet for the travellers to shoot but of course you have to pay for each of the bullet *haha* Spent 40mins to walk through all the remainings site but it was indeed fun. 

Then our lunches is somewhere i dont quite sure. But all i know it is a Muslim restaurant that built besides mosque. And behind the restaurant there is this residences heheh..

The tour guide even brought us to Viet's China Town. IT IS HELL PACKED. Crowds everywhere. Nice place but too many people there so we decided to just go back. Concerning on all of us conditions heh

We even went to the Pasar Malam once again for fun. since it is the only place that can make us jalan2 heheh


Nothing did really happen today cause we were walking around. Didnt hire the tour guide for this day cause it is the day for all of us to discover everything around us. We went to myriad of places, sites and of course, posting the post card all the way from Vietnam! Went to many many shops. And there is this shop, Kedai kain. where is provides you the nicest fabrics, materials, prints and clothes! It even serves you the tailoring services! 
Jubah MYR100
Baju Kurung MYR110
Vietnam Traditional Dress MYR120

and of course, i took the pink viet silk for my baju kurung and pink sakura prints for my jubah. aherherher Much thanks to my sis untuk belanja baju juga! :* and it offers you to send to your hotel at night and yes.. we received it at night too. 

Checkout day. Yes the returning to home day. Umm, kinda sad because we need to catch our early flight at 10am. Hmm, much rush to airport cause afraid of traffic jam so yes.. and fly to KUL then BKI

Our vehicle trip 

Imagine this is all in your sight *banyaknya kain*

Aunts discovering KLIA2

Viet's drinks

Rose tea+pollen+lime+raw honey


Mekong River

Underground passage

Chu Chi tunnel Map

One of the shops in China Town

Chu Chi Tickets

Fresh fruits

Coconut drink

Chu Chi Tunnel

Thank you everyone that's non officially helped to make the most memorable moment in Ho Chi Minh that day. Haji Mansor, The Shop boy that tries to get my whatsapp, the Malaysian boy who keeps staring at me at the Aiport, the boy in green whilst in Chu Chi Tunnel, the lady who stares at KLIA2 and the FA of Airasia, the Malaysian who seated at my back for Ho Chi Minh-> KUL.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Much love <3 p="">

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Gloomy Cloud9


Im in the exact same spot exact time(probably) when i post my previous previous entry. Ha ha ha.

Katy Perry- Thinking of You is on track. and If We Ever Meet Again is now on track. Hmm i like to reminisce those years where all the songs are hit and i like it very much. Since the WiFi is very tamed, so i decided to look back those 2010 hits. Hiks

Um well obviously no, i keep playing the songs on repeat because i like it, it has a very deep meaning. And i am kind of.. feeling some kind of lonely.

Anyhow, new semester has begun! im in my semester 4 already, another 1 year to go! yeay! I hope Allah SWT can ease me and help me thoroughly this semester as i want to grad as one of the First Class Deg Holder. Insya Allah Amin ya Rabbal Alamin.

Sadly im not in the mood to post and type my vacation in Ho Chi Minh. Well none of you had waited for it so im not gonna be sorry for it *flip hair*

I just want you guys to know that i am okay. But deep inside im not okay. Im having a little conflict within myself but i act very natural haha.

K adios amigos

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello guys,

Im in my home. Sitting at the dining table, i think its mahogany. Umm well, few more days till im back to what i engaged to do until half of 2016. MY STUDY *sigh emoji*

i think i will be back on 23 Feb. Hmmm, havent met half of my packs. Fadhliah, Azreena, Santo and all them. I dont miss them actually but i really want to know whats up with them now. I can see that Azreena have gotten a soon-to-be Doctor Boyfriend, and Fadhliah were forced up to repeat a subject whilst her last sem results were magnificent(stupid UNITAR system) and Santo.... rambut makin kembang? Hahaaa

I hate my home's wifi. Its ridiculous. I know we are late on payments but please make the connections at least faster and stronger! ini kejap ada kejap teda and then its now gone! The internet line is not there. Fuk tm. And my broadband? huh, my broadband only 4g per month. I FUKING USE 4GB IN A WEEK. yeah thats my usual. and now they tell me to use 4GB in a month? No fuking way.

Life routine? No i dont have a life routine. Waking at my sun over my head -which is past 12pm hehehe and sleep after subuh which is after 5am. Its hard to get out these days. I need car, i wont use the public transportation unless i had to. I'd rather not to go out and stay at home boring than needing to go to the town. I am in need of a car. Care to buy me one? hmmm. The only thing is i dont know how to drive. Yep im 21 and still dont know how to drive. I dont plan to learn to. Because its scary to be on the road. Yet nana told me, 'you're so gonna excellent in driving that you might be a F1 racers. Yeah i think so too. hmm.

Last week, or last last week, i went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Love the city! its totally me! especially the kain parts. Love it. But i'll talk about that in later entries cause my internet wont let me upload photo. Jeles lettew-typical malay.

Since the holiday started, i think i lost RM1k in my bank account. *sigh* what else i bought? wait let me list here
2 set of VS fragrances - 200rm
Buku terfaktab- 120rm
movies-rm50 (jupiter ascending, blackhat)
food (beyond veggie, secret recipe, upperstar, mcd, kfc, pasar malam) i dont know how much i spent
watsons (rm50)
and yet i havent bought my ipad. I plan to buy ipad actually using the cash inheritance from my late father's money but umm. I have finished 1k and still no ipad? Apa ni bella? Bagus nda payah beli lah ipad. Tunggu orang belikan ja lah. hmm

What else? hmmm i seriously want to be slim again. yeah. I often complain my weight but i literally do nothing about it. well yeah, harap dapat kurus sebelum balik Labuan. Sikit pun jadilah.

Adios Amigos. Goodbye for now. Hikss

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My asylum 2015

Happy 2015!

Though its a little bit late for me to say it, well i insist on saying it. hehe

Its already dawn in here. I tried to study Financial Economic but nothing seems to get into my head. My housemates are all sleeping krohh krohh and here i am typing as it goes on. Jay Chou's sad songs are on my playlist right now because that what i feel right now. I just had Nasi goreng made by Nana an hour ago so i guess i cant fall asleep since i already have my afternoon nap and a slight nap yesterday's night. Moreover im going to do laundry today! yay!

Few days back i often felt a little awkward with my own housemates. I dont know why i feel like i am being alienated. They went out without telling me asking me and they even ask their friends out like something happens when im not here. Oh yeah i am well informed that they would be still talking about me even im here or not. People.. who can change crowds.. right?

As i grew up i am more expert in seeing which is right and which is bad. I also started to see which is good people that does bad things and bad people that does good things. And which people that defend you behind your back and people that will talk about you behind your back. They never defend me in my presence or not. Well yeah i said i am such introvert if not for cooking purposes back in semester 1 i bet i would not be friend with them up until now.

We are still having our final exams week now and as usual our course is always the last man standing. I would go back on the last day of exams- i mean its tomorrow since my last paper is the last day of exam- its afternoon. *sigh. Other students are already reach their home and here i am still waiting for my paper. 3 papers left, econometric, financial economics and mandarin. I can pull off mandarin but these 2 papers i just cant especially Econometric. I DONT KNOW A SINGLE THING ABOUT ECONOMETRIC. Allah please!

I have lost my mood to study so in results are these: irrelevant tweets, publishing random entries and time consuming instagram scrolling. Next paper is in Tuesday mornings, Thursday and friday afternoon. Very not kool man.

These few weeks there is always something that brought down my motivation. Im down for real. Too much stuff happens.. Id rather idle thinking somewhat stuff that takes away my hours of study and proceed to cry. But i have not cry in front of my housemates (just Zity and Fadhliah alone). I always cry to sleep so that they will never notice that i am actually crying. The things that happens like this always made me think, which one is my real friends? Because they never notice that im wearing masks. They were deceived by my smiles and happy faces. *frown emoji*

By any way i am really grateful that i had such friends (Zity and Fadhliah). They brings out the best in me, rise me up and takes me away from all the negative things. Even i am seem forceful to Zity sometime but she is my best friend muahahah. They really knows whats up and total understanding to me. kalau saya ada duit kan saya bagi hadiah kamu ferari oh satu biji satu orang. kekeke. I look forward to step out with them girls and to be succeed in everything we touch. hikss

There is this some guy that i have been ....  (fill in the suitable words). He has everything i searched for in a man and he successfully made me think that we could last together till the end but in the end.. he left. He left without a reason, a valid reason. It hurts everytime i think about it. Dont tell me that i am not moving on heyy i moved on okay its just that what he did is very unforgivable and cant be accepted as a normal person. oh well i hope a prosperous year for him-- typical broken hearted people words. No i hope he is regretting that he is leaving me out of nowhere and cant find any best girl ever than me. I hope i can see you one day with your ugly girlfriend oh yeah i hope that you are going to find an uglier girlfriend than me *true happiness*. YASSSS THATS WHAT I SHOULD WISHED FOR!

Since study week up until now (3 weeks ago) my life cycle is ... unbearable? I didnt know which is morning, afternoon, night and dawn. We stayed up until morning and sleep and wake to evening already. I didnt know which one is my lunch, my dinner and my breakfast. Its been a long time we havent seen sunlight i guess... ? Thats why i izz cannot wait to go home and have my normal life cycle back. and also i miss Beyond Veggie's food. Beyond Veggie, wait for me ah! saya borong semua makanan kau nanti! Ihikss..

Hey do you guys know the show 'The Return of Superman' haha. At last i watch korean show ok. It was so cuteee!! arghh If you do know you mustve known above pictures right? That was the triplets, sons to a celebrity in Korea. The show consist of a few families with their toddlers and the triplets somehow got into the show. So cute! Paling comel ok dorang! haihh at some point i wish i had triplet but after some thought like nooo twins at least. The middle one is the most cute i think, he has a very attractive personality. hiksss

Last entry was on September 2014 i guess and HAHA well at least i update lah. Surely there is alot of people thinking that i probably forgetting my blog password or that i am interest-less with blogging already --perasan kejap. hmmm well my google account is linked to my blogging account that always signed in laptop. Buka buka ja trus dashboard blog.

Ok people time for me to tiden up my study table (meja makan hahahaa) and pegi laundry. Mau subuh sudah ni *padahal baru pukul 4* ngehehe.

Happy prosperous 2015 everyone! -- except for that one man that ive included in the above paragraph pfftt