Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Officially 21st aaandd

Hi people..

Soo.. today is my birthday.. I'd like to hide my birthdate from people as if they care, they'll remember your birthday despite having facebook or any other to remind you. Ihii

Most of my friends doesnt know i have a blog and if they do they wouldnt know how to reach my blog. Hehe, so i will write about my birthday in my own blog lah.

Frankly, i am sad to say that, i am officially 21st.

Officially 21st and,
I dont know how to put on makeup
I dont know how to wear contact lenses
I dont have a boyfriend
I dont know how to drive / ride motorcycle
I dont know how to walk properly in heels *duhh
I am currently pursuing my degree in International Finance (International Financial Economics) in UMS Labuan Campus
Am not married / having kids / engaged
Still dont have many friends.
Dont have facebook
Still i dont cukur kening
live a blissful life
Average in cooking
Excellent in doing house chores

--Thats all i guess.
Tata for now babes, my laptop battery gonna die soon. So malas mau cari charger.Ahaa
Au revoir