Sunday, February 2, 2014

Labuan, the super sunny island

Hello earthlinks.

my campus is such an isolated campus. terletak di hujung hujung dunia kalau boleh. but still, on malaysia map lah masih. 

Frankly, i never knew that ums has lots of campus. ok malu jap.  now that youve read it, let me get you straight.
  1. UMS got 3 campus - Main campus (KK), Labuan International Campus & Sandakan Agriculture campus
  2. Main campus offered mainly programme - science, humanities, engineering blablabla
  3. Labuan campus consists of 2 faculty- International finance, bussiness & informatic science
  4. Sandakan campus offered mainly programme about sustainable agriculture. 
Of course, our campus quite smaller compared to KK but i think its much more bigger than sandakan campus since it only offered a slight of programme. So in the end you'll end up meeting the same person everyday. *nda boleh cuci mata

Well, syukur alhamdulilah cause in labuan, i am able to save more - but still gaining weight. I think the goods price here is more expensive than the price in other side of  Malaysia. But why can i say i am able to save more? 
  • Labuan is a duty free island
  • this place dont have mega mall, fancy top brands boutique - except for Adidas
  • no exciting places to visit - unless youre a big fan of sandy white beaches
But that duty free story is exciting enough. 4 main things famous here are liquor, chocolates, and cigars and perfumes. You can see almost store selling this 4 items.

You can spot by a rare chocolate here with a quite good price. Too much to list for. This is a total heaven for chocolate lovers. you can even find rare chocs here comes with a good price. Cigarettes jangan cakaplah, absolute heaven for smokers. A box of cigar range price from below rm10 i guess. I spot cigar yang paling murah a box RM1.50.

Tapi tapi kan, orang perempuan mestilah in love dengan wangi wangian and perfumes kan. especially VS - for me lah. If you ever heard people say that perfumes here are cheap, hell no. i think it is more expensive, as the perfumes here can reach RM400 a bottle.   

For instance, the above perfume was just too expensive it reaches almost RM300. mana duty freenya oi? i can found this in only RM150++ in KK. But if youre a fan of scents instead of brands, you can spot here's pretty much of unknown brands with top notch scents. Scents dorang almost sama dengan yang berjenama. hiks

As for liquor pulak, yup. it is cheap as crazy as insanely cheap untill liquor is a must-have-item-to-bring-home every holiday. my non muslim friend once bought a bottle of wine that supposed to be RM200++ for RM59.90. wtf? But then you'll be charged if you are trying to brought more than a bottle of liquor for rm10 per bottle out from labuan

But for the seafood lovers, you may or may not express your interest here. Labuan is not a place for seafood, unless you are willing to pay high prices. I dont know exactly why but labuan has a shortage supply for seafood. you can rarely see udang harimau, lobster, sotong as you can everyday see it in KK. yums. 

Interested to go labuan? i think you would only interest in that duty free item. lols.