Sunday, January 19, 2014

New resolutions


That's my resolutions. Hi people.

As usual, people always make new resolutions on a very new year. But what if I tell you that new resolution does not only takes place in new year? You can achieve it in just the usual days. But people, you know the crowds. Whatsever.

It is the semester break. I have gone up and down past sem. Don't know how I will made it to next semester. I am thankful lord for meeting me and these lovely ladies from across the region. They are the one that responsible to made me feel at home.

But as you can see I gain so much weight and fats after moved in to this super duper sunny island. My housemate would take the blame. and my lust too. See, I am in the way to remove the fats so I think that would be my so call New Year Resolutions.  And I bet many other too.
I got bored at home. And that TM modem cant signal wifi. I don't know how and why. So I have to use the Lan yellowish cable to get internet. So odd and awkward. with all those wires and stuff and shits.
I need some motivation. I cant go around and linger myself curling up myself with wasted time when I can make some penny! oh 3 years I let you pass by like a lightning ok.
Pierced by cupid, disdain all the glittering golds. Bye Folks.
Till I writes again.