Saturday, December 14, 2013

The familiar road

Homo sapiens, I wish you a peaceful and harmonious lives as ever.

The cold weather has in. It was raining lightly and heavily these days. Its hard for us to dry the clothes. Need to excel in guessing how will the weather going on. It was too unpredictable. I am so eager to update this junk. and here I am, dismissing my books curling up with the blanket on my bed typing as it goes....

So you can guess, finals been around the corner. You can spot by in campus students hardly scanning the books, practicing the answer and even having small fight about whatever crap they leaning on to obtain higher grades. And me? needless to type.

It was such a life turning point since late august. My heart was pierced by cupid, and I let it be. Though I know how it feels like to have hope crushed down to my spine.. I let I have it until some quite time. I own the time where I have to wake up early, doing homework's and finally I tastes that kind of life. moreover, i was engaged with that kind of life for quite some time.

People say, I am too mysterious. I am too full with secrets. The fact that im hardly speak is the only proof my life is filled with adventure.

It is not that interesting when reminiscing your past life. Frankly, I am scared if i could ever failed their hope miserably. It touches you down to earth as ever if you doesn't even succeed at the first attempt. I made promises, promises that been brought to another world. I need to excel on that promise, i need to realise it.

Some after time, home is where your heart is. Life can be so harsh and mean, but lord hides it away from me. Cause He knows im still collecting the strength from all events to face the real life aftermath. My life was just still in front of those papers, papers full of words to understand by......

Taking the road less travelled by, would you?