Monday, December 23, 2013

Last of everyone else

Finals. Finals. Finals.

No need to boast over our finals, we're having it twice a year. Enough with all that shitty crap you posted online stating that you were "actually" studying around staying around in library. People couldnt care more.

I loved reminiscing the past. Don't ya? It carved a smile upon my lips and a glimpse of joy in my mind. I began to thought that I was a complete fool a some time ago. Do you get an easy sleep everynight? I lay down as im begin to think whats holding for me tomorrow? What is being kept away in the hideout? I need to cultivate my courage so that I can lift my hands and open the door one by one.

That is why, when someone is in a truly pain and grief.. advise em to reminisce their glorious past.. It wakes them up, it makes them happy.

Perhaps the universe just want to see how far I can bend until I break. Perhaps the universe just want to see how will I do being the last man standing? Sure everyone was brought down to their knees, and was dragged beyond the point of breaking. But alas? They stand still stay on their ground. Just don't count me out yet. You shall stay entertained and surprised until the very end of the show.

I'll sow more courage afterwards. And try to limits on those hopes. Cause in the end, we'll learn to love the facts rather than to love the hopes. Don't lean on those hopes yet, cause whats shining, doesn't always sunny. And whats cloudy, doesn't always rain.

Mate, don't underestimate people. It shows the level of stupidity you had in you and reveal more of your future steps. It such a fun game to play seeing someone who had me underestimate, comes to much more concern and amazed when i tirelessly brought their expectation to infinity. Cause the one who being played, is you mate. Not me. Now that i dragged along those expectation to infinity must have cause you a severe mind blur. That time you would know, who am i and who are you to me.

Simple, I think I have an irresistible imagination. With me on top of above you, and needless to say your whereabouts.