Friday, December 27, 2013

Hey classmate

Hey classmates.
I think im one of the luckiest lady in the world. I managed to pursue study with my beloved classmate. Not the same programme though but we stayed in the same hostel. Her rooms was just right above mine. Its good to have someone you know from the beginning with you.
Never thought we'll be destined together in this duty free island, but its just feels so good to have her. To my beloved darls, we'll intersect at the point where we achieved our great dreams. You know im talking about you darla.
I miss creating my own imaginations with my darlas. Arguing over certain facts, supplied each other some voluptuous stories. What a great journey I had.
Just as usual, we express our feelings together. Of all the craps and hardships in our lives. We reminisce everything, had a good laugh though.
Hey classmate, you still remember our seat? Our small class? Our own so-call locker? Our own so call pantry? Our own so call playgrounds? Our own so call "VVIP lounge"? I miss all that.
I am so lucky to have you all as my classmate. Thanks for making me smile, though im on my deathbed some day.
You guys were absolutely awesome. Nope, WE are awesome.
Oh and, Happy new year.