Friday, December 27, 2013

Hey classmate

Hey classmates.
I think im one of the luckiest lady in the world. I managed to pursue study with my beloved classmate. Not the same programme though but we stayed in the same hostel. Her rooms was just right above mine. Its good to have someone you know from the beginning with you.
Never thought we'll be destined together in this duty free island, but its just feels so good to have her. To my beloved darls, we'll intersect at the point where we achieved our great dreams. You know im talking about you darla.
I miss creating my own imaginations with my darlas. Arguing over certain facts, supplied each other some voluptuous stories. What a great journey I had.
Just as usual, we express our feelings together. Of all the craps and hardships in our lives. We reminisce everything, had a good laugh though.
Hey classmate, you still remember our seat? Our small class? Our own so-call locker? Our own so call pantry? Our own so call playgrounds? Our own so call "VVIP lounge"? I miss all that.
I am so lucky to have you all as my classmate. Thanks for making me smile, though im on my deathbed some day.
You guys were absolutely awesome. Nope, WE are awesome.
Oh and, Happy new year.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Last of everyone else

Finals. Finals. Finals.

No need to boast over our finals, we're having it twice a year. Enough with all that shitty crap you posted online stating that you were "actually" studying around staying around in library. People couldnt care more.

I loved reminiscing the past. Don't ya? It carved a smile upon my lips and a glimpse of joy in my mind. I began to thought that I was a complete fool a some time ago. Do you get an easy sleep everynight? I lay down as im begin to think whats holding for me tomorrow? What is being kept away in the hideout? I need to cultivate my courage so that I can lift my hands and open the door one by one.

That is why, when someone is in a truly pain and grief.. advise em to reminisce their glorious past.. It wakes them up, it makes them happy.

Perhaps the universe just want to see how far I can bend until I break. Perhaps the universe just want to see how will I do being the last man standing? Sure everyone was brought down to their knees, and was dragged beyond the point of breaking. But alas? They stand still stay on their ground. Just don't count me out yet. You shall stay entertained and surprised until the very end of the show.

I'll sow more courage afterwards. And try to limits on those hopes. Cause in the end, we'll learn to love the facts rather than to love the hopes. Don't lean on those hopes yet, cause whats shining, doesn't always sunny. And whats cloudy, doesn't always rain.

Mate, don't underestimate people. It shows the level of stupidity you had in you and reveal more of your future steps. It such a fun game to play seeing someone who had me underestimate, comes to much more concern and amazed when i tirelessly brought their expectation to infinity. Cause the one who being played, is you mate. Not me. Now that i dragged along those expectation to infinity must have cause you a severe mind blur. That time you would know, who am i and who are you to me.

Simple, I think I have an irresistible imagination. With me on top of above you, and needless to say your whereabouts.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The familiar road

Homo sapiens, I wish you a peaceful and harmonious lives as ever.

The cold weather has in. It was raining lightly and heavily these days. Its hard for us to dry the clothes. Need to excel in guessing how will the weather going on. It was too unpredictable. I am so eager to update this junk. and here I am, dismissing my books curling up with the blanket on my bed typing as it goes....

So you can guess, finals been around the corner. You can spot by in campus students hardly scanning the books, practicing the answer and even having small fight about whatever crap they leaning on to obtain higher grades. And me? needless to type.

It was such a life turning point since late august. My heart was pierced by cupid, and I let it be. Though I know how it feels like to have hope crushed down to my spine.. I let I have it until some quite time. I own the time where I have to wake up early, doing homework's and finally I tastes that kind of life. moreover, i was engaged with that kind of life for quite some time.

People say, I am too mysterious. I am too full with secrets. The fact that im hardly speak is the only proof my life is filled with adventure.

It is not that interesting when reminiscing your past life. Frankly, I am scared if i could ever failed their hope miserably. It touches you down to earth as ever if you doesn't even succeed at the first attempt. I made promises, promises that been brought to another world. I need to excel on that promise, i need to realise it.

Some after time, home is where your heart is. Life can be so harsh and mean, but lord hides it away from me. Cause He knows im still collecting the strength from all events to face the real life aftermath. My life was just still in front of those papers, papers full of words to understand by......

Taking the road less travelled by, would you?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dont expect life.

there is a time in life where we;

stumble upon a mine. which is an old buried mine, new buried mine or you buried the mine yourself. As you are stepping on a mine, you may leave and injured badly. Or you may ask a help from others to dig out the mine. Or you may stand still.

Of course, when you leave, you left with scars, injury and hurt badly. But that's when you realized you made mistake and it teaches you a lesson. The scars that exists may not fade, but as well as it may stays there. To keep reminding you the lesson.

The moment when you ask a help from others. They may dig out the mine for you. But they might as well bury another for you. This implies that the trusts you put in someone, would it be worth or will it be a disaster?

Or you can just stand still. You were too afraid to move, doesn't know what'll be happen next, so you just stand there, forever. We made mistakes, we create trouble. yet we wouldn't bear to put the blame on ourselves. There is no correction made, there is no improvement made, there is also no modification made.

there is a time in life where we;

come across a flower field and rainbow. Those colourful flower field makes us all gay, makes us all joyful, makes us all happy. The rainbow after the rain makes you put your hopes. That there is something worth after all the misery that you approach.

that is just what life is. We may encounter problems, disaster, or feeling down. But make sure we move on ahead, just to know whats waiting for us in the future.

but there is also triumph. A triumph where we'll taste the sweetness of the misery that we face.

Face your problem. Never run away from the thing that scares you, never avoid the thing that you afraid of.

At last, put yourself in others shoes as well. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

study ohh studyy

Hai dolls!

its been a while, eh? well, actually bukan sibuk mana pun.. cuma, nothing really interesting happen. aku rasa jeles tgk blog2 org yang byk story2 best. holiday pegi sanala, sinilah.. eh smualah. sebenarnya aku pun ada jugala pegi holiday sana sini tp behapa kan aku bgtau sini? only one thing, M A L A S!

aku malas la mau menaip2 and uplod gmbr2 tuh dkt sini. Malas sgt2. bukan apa, mood memblogging ni suda lama tiada. dulu2 ja aku suka blog. mcm2 entries aku. bnda sekecil kuman pun aku taip2 sini. ahhh itula, i dont know where it went.

everyday life routine
bangun 6:30am - mandi - work - pulang - makan - tidur.

but before tidur, layankan instagram & fb . yaaa itulah apa aku buat hari2. hidup single ne ok juga. gaji aku aku sorg ja makan smpi abis. masa aku nda terbuang, duit aku save, and plg penting i can do whatever i want. holy yes!

tpi 20 aug tuh i officially quit. Quit ok bukan fired, aku pekerja yang awesome apa! ini smua untuk memberikan laluan kepada benda2 yang aku mau bt untuk masuk u. yaa aku dpt offer pegi sana UMS. Labuan la tapi. sekolah bisnes dan kewangan. tpi kos aku ekonomi kewangan. adeiii, harap2 dpt catch up la yer. so esok suda pendaftaran, tp packing and all aku blum bt lgi. waddaheck?

pasal ptptn. mau ambik ka nda ahh? mau ambik ka nda ahh? Arghhh last2 aku decide utk ambik juga.since biasiswa pny offer sda tutup! tp nda pa, utk sem 1 ja kot? i dah ada strategi utk dpt biasiswa ituu. hehehe..

memang hectic la life aku since 20 ogos tuh. aku pegi bt ic baru, buka akaun cimb, pegi bayar yuran, buat medical cekup, pengesahan segala dokumen. penat tau! tapi kan, tapi kan i still cant hold my shopping lust.. emm, mcm2 benda nda perlukan aku beli.. yikes, bad behaviour bad behaviour!

mcmnala nnt sana labuan, sdala aku nda pena pegi sana! saudara pon tiada d sana! i have zero knowledge abt labuan. holy yes, adventurous jugak ne. kenapala mau masuk u pun mau susah payah. inilah itulahh.. adoii

ohh harini 31 ogos kan. selamat hari merdeka. Loving Malaysia each day ya! tata, till me writes again.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Blog updated

holla people,

write something here.

what should i say? typed? write?

i really dont have the comuunicate skill to expand over a certain topics. i go blank everytime i post an entries. i do have to tell my experience? life? what im doing right now? pfft, i dont know. i just dont know. feeling awkward to tell up my stories here. *yawn* i read it myself yet i sleepy. wtf

one thing, i miss my childhood. 
the moment you dont care about almost everything u only know to have fun in every little tiny stuffs. the moment you dont fear anything except for not doing homework, parents and teachers. the moment where you really dont have to think what will others says about you. dang, i miss mini bella.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


hai, yesterday kami pegi jalan2.. with my kazen. guess where? keningau. i dont take a lot of keningau pictures sebab.. err, dont know. hasrat p keningau tuh last minit, bangun jam 7.30  pagi trus mandi, and makan sikit and then off to jalan. 

time pergi tuh kami guna jalan penampang - tambunan. yang through bukit bukau. memang cantik la, and there is one gunung, i never knew till yesterday. Gunung Alab. how i never knew this one ah? lol. but jalan dia, aduii macam Initial D punya jalan, berliku-liku. pheww, gilaa. 

umm, niat pegi keningau is just to see, the bundle. aka rombengan. Murah2 dan cantik2. and besar, puas ati mencari baju. the best lah. and pasar malam dia, best ok. macam2 ada, 

tapi kami nda jalan2 la di bandar dia, cause, kk ada bah. so otw balik kami guna jalan kimanis - papar. sepa yang nda tau tuh mmg bukan sabahan ah. ok best. 

jangan tgk orangnya. tgk backgroundnya. 

see? where on earth you guys dapat nampak ne kalau bukan di sabah? teda bayaran dikenakan. THIS IS JUST DI TEPI JALAN OK. ramai org stop n tangkap gmbr. airconditioner dlm bilik kamu tuh, y stakat 16 darjah celcius tuh, ini lagi sejuk ok. the greenery scenes,the icy coldness.. marvelous! 5 out of 5 la!

ok thats all aku mau crita. and if you guys ada y pegi kk. ada chance, ikutlah jalan kimanis papar ne. sesungguhnya anda tidak akan rugi. siap dalam perjalanan ada Taman Banjaran Crocker, ladang ular, penyu besar, dan macam2 lagi.

ok fellas, itu saja. Thanksfor reading, till then, Au revoir!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homemade Beef Lasagna

Buenos noches! como esta? hoy les voy a mostrar como cocinar lasagna! aisehh, Latin kejap. i have learnt Spain and Italiano earlier back in 2009. i even got a notebook for it. ohh yes, how awesome i am once. tapi itu semua dulu, as i forget time by time. lama lama lupalah. and not even belajar lagi. but now, sambung lagi belajar la.

Kemarin buat lasagna.. sedap okay! even this is the first time attempt but it turned out to be, soo flawless baby. ahuh. so basically, for lasagna ne, needs 4 types of benda that is kepingan lasagna, inti, sos putih and cheese (parmesan, cheddar, mozarella). so, get ready these 3 and your lasagna is ready lohh..

Bahan Inti:
  1. 3/4 sos prego tomato 14oz
  2. 400g daging cincang 
  3. 2 sudu besar sos cili 
  4. serbuk oregano
  5. serbuk lada hitam
  6. garam secukup rasa
  7. sosej 
  8. cendawan butang yang dipotong2
  9. bawang (putih or merah or besar or mana2 saja ikut sukati)

Cara-cara memasak inti daging:
  1. Masukkan minyak, tumis bawang2 tersebut hingga naik baunya.
  2. Masukkan sosej dulu, after that masuk kan daging cincang. 
  3. Make sure daging masak terlebih dahulu okey! and masukkan sos tomato.
  4. kacau sebati.
  5. Letakkan sos cili. dan gaul lagi.
  6. Letakkan cendawan butang
  7. masukkan garam, oregano dan black pepper. kacau rata.
  8. Tepikan.
Bahan Sos Putih:
  1. 2 keping cheese cheddar (cheesedale is okay)
  2. 250ml fresh milk 
  3. 2 sudu besar butter
  4. garam secukup rasa
  5. 2 sudu besar tepung gandum
Cara-cara membuat sos putih:
  1. Cairkan butter. (pakai api kecil saja okey)
  2. Masukkan susu segar dan kacau rata
  3. Masukkan tepung
  4. Masukkan cheese cheddar
  5. Letakkan garam
  6. Kacau sampai likat2 dan siap sudala.

so ambil loyang anda. doesnt matterlah loyang hello kitty, ben10, upin ipin asalkan namanya loyang yang boleh masuk oven. so sila lumurkan kepingan lasagna dengan minyak untuk lembutkan ia nanti. so lapis-lapiskan la.

Kepingan lasagna --> inti --> sos putih  --> cheese

  • jika anda sukakan cheese, bolehla taburkan cheese dengan banyaknya. i suggest using grated cheese untuk more easier.. hehe.. 
  • sos putih yang dituang itu, hendaklah menutupi inti daging tersebut yaa untuk kepuasan maksimum.
  • make sure, oven dipanaskan dahulu okay!
  • bakar guna api atas bawah, 30 mins untuk 180c. 

Hai, saya lasagna. 

Enjoy brahhh!
oh yeah, wanna know where did i learn to speak latin? actually, i didnt attend class or need to pay hundreds of ringgits just to learn it. sign up to untuk belajar yeah. they not only offer latin, but every language the earthlinks do speak also available. and yes, bahasa papua new guinea ada jugak. moreover, this is only for freeeeeee!!! best sangat2. even orang cakap belajar tanpa guru ibarat lampu tanpa sumbu but this is different. gotta try it baby. 

till then, so long fellas, Goodbye.